Message from Pastor

   Oh No!!! Summer is over??!!


            It always seems as if summer flies by and we face the long stretch into winter way too soon. But fall always brings its own beauty displaying God’s handiwork in the colors of the leaves, those final blooms, and the migration of the birds and a last blast of warm weather. God’s creation is so wondrously made, each season reminding us of Him and His care for us. Each season also reminds us that the love He has given is to be shared every moment of every day, in every way possible to everyone possible.

            September also brings with it a new beginning, a new year of sorts, of its own. As we look forward to the new and exciting blessings ahead remember, God did not take a vacation, He has been with us all the while and is with us still. Let us be diligent in our commitment to seeing every person Believe in Jesus Christ, Become a disciple of Jesus, Belong to the family of God and helping to Build the kingdom.

            September gets under way with a party!! Rally Sunday Sept. 9th we will celebrate the new church year. Many great things are planned!! Good food, great fellowship and some special events including a bounce house for the kids and some Senior/Young Disciple amusements that are sure to be amazing. Mark your calendar now!! Plan to STAY for all the events. Show your church spirit! INVITE all your friends, relatives, acquaintances, neighbors!! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to introduce someone to God’s church in Newark Valley and to the Savior who loves them.

            As you celebrate Labor Day, be mindful that, immediately after, school begins. Pray for all our students and teachers as they crank up another year of learning. Be mindful of them as you drive and they are headed to school. Back to school is a BIG deal. Make it a priority to show God’s love as our kids return to school.

            Also be praying as we move toward Consecration Sunday. Ask God how He wants you to respond to this act of worship as we give to His Kingdom.

            Last but not by any means least, THANK YOU all for your prayers and thoughts for my Dad and for traveling mercies for me as I went to visit and your patience in my absence. Your love is mightily felt.

May God bless the coming season of hope.

And, as always …….Get F.R.O.G.y!!

In Christ,