Caring Covenant Cooperative Parish

The Covenant of our United Methodist Cooperative Parish is to do things together that none of us can do as well alone--in no way to diminish the role of each local church, but to strengthen the position of each one. Because of our mutual care and support of one another, when we're aware and see needs within our communities we dare to respond.

The Caring Covenant Cooperative Parish is made up of the following:

Berkshire United Methodist Charge

Berkshire United Methodist Church
Route 38, Berkshire, NY 13736

East Berkshire United Methodist Church
East Berkshire Hill Road, Berkshire, NY 13736

Jenksville United Methodist Church
West Creek Road, Berkshire, NY 13736

Fairfield/Flemingville United Methodist Charge

Fairfield United Methodist Church Fairfield Road, Newark Valley, NY 13811

Flemingville United Methodist Church
540 West Creek Road, Owego, NY 13827

Newark Valley First United Methodist Church
70 South Main Street, Newark Valley, NY 13811

Richford Congregational Church
Route 38, Richford, NY 13835