First United Methodist Church of Newark Valley

Worship service 9:30  63 South Main Street, Newark Valley, NY 13811  Church School 10:45 



Click here for information about Bible study on the book of Acts which begins Monday July 19, 2021 on Zoom. Afternoon session and evening session available.

Click here for the link to the Bible study Zoom meeting.

Greetings NV Family!

As of Sept 27th We are live with all new streaming equipment.

I continue to pray for your health and safety as we remain in this uncommon time.

        Service starts at 9:15 am and will be broadcast live at: If you have a problem with LIVE, go to and search Newark Valley United Methodist Church to find us there. Watch the church website: or the church facebook page: for links to the weekly bulletin.

        Also continue to share your Joys and Prayer requests to our special email account for that purpose. Send your JOYS!! We love joys and Prayer Requests to: Please send by 9 am Sunday morning so we can list them for worship time.

        And WELCOME to all who join us from around the world! I still am amazed that we are no longer confined in a building but can share the good news around the world. If you are blessed by the worship at Newark Valley please like us on facebook, or subscribe to our youtube channel and in either case feel free to SHARE so others may know of our presence and join us for worship.

        We are back in the building and YOU are invited to join us for in person worship but if you are still uncomfortable in person join us on our live stream platforms.

        Thank you to all who have taken on the weekly sanitization responsibility and allowed us to gather each week. Also a great THANK YOU to the Praise Team, Jewel and the tech crew that is working so hard to make everything works smoothly and worship a joyous occasion.

        For the foreseeable future going forward we must continue as we have. All current rules apply for attendance and the live stream will continue for those who still feel unready to return.

        For those who do choose to gather with us the following regulations are required by the state, the county and the conference.

1. One way traffic – Enter through the Education Building (front or back) follow the traffic arrows and Exit will be through the north side (big red) doors. The only exception will be for those who need the handicapped ramps to exit.

2. Hand Sanitizer – there will be stations around with hand sanitizer.

3. Masks MUST be worn on entry and exit. Once everyone is seated they may be removed.. If you have your own you may bring it or one will be provided upon entrance.

4. Social Distancing – 6 feet is required but for singing it is 12 feet. It’s all about air flow. The sanctuary will be marked off for spacing. Family units may sit together but each group must be spaced and individuals must be protected.

5. Holy Communion - on the weeks we have communion, the elements will be given as you enter from a single person wearing gloves and each person takes a self-contained communion set to use at the appropriate time.

6. Offering – though we will recognize this act of worship, no plates will be passed. They will be placed at the exits to the sanctuary and your tithes and gifts can be placed in them upon entrance or exit.

7. Limits on numbers – we are limited to 25% of room capacity. However we believe that given the capacity of the sanctuary and Jr. Room we can handle our average attendance without worry. If we have record attendance then we may rethink this as needed.

8. Children’s Church – for the moment there will be no Children’s Church. We will re-address this as we move forward and see how things progress.

9. Attendance - Attendance will be taken upon entry as there is a requirement to know who is in the building at any given time in case someone is found to be exposed

10. Joys, Prayer Requests, Announcements – If you have announcements you need made, Joys to proclaim (birthdays/ anniversaries) or prayer requests they can be sent to: OR given to the greeter upon entry to be passed along at the appropriate time in the service

11. Meet and Greet – NO handshakes or hugs. A humble bow of greeting is much better. Gathering for chat and such should be done OUTSIDE in open air after worship. Coffee/water – desert for a dollar will not be available.

12. Hymnals, Bibles and Bulletins – have been removed from the sanctuary. All scriptures and songs will be on the screens. We know this will be tougher for those who need notated music but for now it imperative that nothing be “shared” and it would be impossible to sterilize all hymnals, Bibles and such effectively. You may bring your own but DO NOT share it with anyone.

        It seems like a lot. There were only 10 Commandments after all but even those were boiled down to two by Jesus and they apply here as well. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and mind and strength. Love your neighbor as yourself. If we think of the safety of others above our own discomfort these 12 requirements are small indeed.

        The health and safety of our NV family is foremost in our minds and we will endeavor to implement strategies with that in mind.

        The health and safety of our NV family is foremost in our minds and we will endeavor to implement stages and guidelines with that in mind.

        If we don’t have your email address please send it to if you would like to be added to the email list.

        I miss you all and cannot wait until we gather together again. I pray for you each daily. Stay well. Stay safe and we will get through this together!

In Christ,

Pastor Tim

Welcome to the web site of the First United Methodist Church of Newark Valley. Our church is in the Upper New York Conference of the United Methodist Church.

We would be happy to have you worship with us during our regular worship services. We hope this site will help you become familiar with our church and that you will join us for worship.

We hope you are able to find the information that you need on our site. If you have suggestions for the web site, please share them with us.

Please note that the church has a new e-mail address:

Offering envelopes are available for those who want them. If you do not have an assigned number and need a set of envelopes, please see Lee Rogers or call the church office at 607.642.8811 or send an e-mail to Lee.

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