Teamwork makes the dream work!
New for 2017: Register as a team of friends and family or sign up as a school/church/business and race together! Instead of competing individually in age groups, you can race as a team with each other. 

Teams are not limited by age or ability and everyone can be included in your team, whether or not you're a first timer, a seasoned triathlete, 10 years old, or 90 years old!

Instead of starting in the FastTry wave or your FirstTry age group wave, all teams will start together in a single swim wave. This way, if you want to race with your friend or your child, you may all start together!

No special team awards - this is all about camaraderie and having fun! However, all finishers will receive an individual time, a FINISHER medal, a shirt, FREE photo downloads, and some much deserved food at the finish line!

*Registration discount available for teams of 10 or greater. Email for a unique team promo code. 

When you get to the Registration page, select either FirstTry, FastTry, or FirstTry-Youth, from there you will be taken to a second form which will ask if you want to create or join a team.

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