Who are we?

Meet the 2022 Planning Committee!

We are a group of local volunteers and we want to make a triathlete out of YOU!

We believe in you!


From Grand Blanc, MI

I’m excited to be a part of FirstTry again this year! I started in triathlon at a race just like this. I remember the questions, race jitters and fear of the unknown. Since then I've completed 12 Ironman's and many other triathlon races all over the world. I love being able to share that knowledge and see so many new athletes conquer their fears and cross that finish line with a smile. Come join our triathlon family and give FirstTry a try!


From Grand Blanc, MI

FirstTry Volunteer and planning committee since 2015

2016 FirstTry finisher!

Ironman Finisher 2017


FirstTry Volunteer and Bike Course Director since 2015


From Fenton, MI

"I started running in 2016, and through running was introduced to triathlon. In 2017 I thought 'why not'! I turned 50 that year, had an older heavy bike (trusty rusty) and had to reteach myself to swim..I 'swam' just 2 times prior to doing this event and am NOT a great swimmer...but completed the race, did fine, and had a great time with others that were doing the same thing! Since then I've completed 2 - Half Ironman events and 1 Full Ironman event and plan to do more this year...so fun! I love helping others overcome their fear and stepping out of their comfort zone to give triathlon or any of the individual disciplines a try. It was not easy for me so I'm so grateful for this event and all the supportive people that surround it that helped encourage myself and so many others to believe in ourselves...that is why I decided to be involved with First Try on a different level. ANYTHING is possible!! It's true!"


From Fenton, MI

"I raced my first tri in 2008. Like many of you, I came from a non-endurance background and hadn't done anything like a triathlon before. I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie and wanted a challenge, so went for it. After my first race I fell in love with the sport and graduated to longer distances including two full Ironman races!! I volunteered for FirstTry last year and loved the encouraging environment and spirit of all the volunteers and you racers! This year, I've expanded my involvement. I love what triathlon has done for me mentally and physically and can't wait to spread that joy to you!"


From Linden, MI

Erin is a founding memeber of First Try and has been helping through all the years. Make sure to smile and thank all the volunteers out there! Erin and her crew help make the race happen. They are there keeping you on course and cheering you along the whole way!


From Fenton, MI

Ensures FirstTry participants, volunteers & spectators are kept safe and the event maintains a reputation of superb safety.

"FirstTry is great for the community, the participants and families and even the amateur radio hobby!"