FirstTry Triathlon - 2016

300 yd Swim, 9.1 mi Bike, and 2 mi Run

Saturday, June 18th, 2016
Welcome to the fifth annual FirstTry Triathlon, a triathlon designed specifically for first timers.  If you are not a first time triathlete please sign up for the FastTry (includes age group awards), which is the competitive version of the FirstTry.  The distance is what we call a Super Sprint (half a sprint). 
The concept of the FirstTry is to offer a race that gives you the experience of racing in a "real" triathlon without the intimidation factor. Let's start by addressing many of the fears that first timers have:  Note:  The FirstTry has no age group awards but everyone gets a very cool medal.  
"I will drown" - The swim is a 300 yd out and back, so if you can swim the distance of three football fields you can cover the distance.  The wave starts will allow us to put enough people in the water with you to give you the feeling of what the triathlon swim is about, without the fear of someone swimming over your back.  There will be a "course talk" at the beginning of the race to answer your questions.  There will be a regatta of kayaks and pontoon boats if you decide you need rest or (if you ask nice) you might even sip a margarita. 
"I don't have a clue what to do in a...what is it called again, Transition"? - Transition will be staffed with "coaches" who will help you set up and answer your questions about what to do in transition.  They can point you in the right direction and discretely help you if you start to do something silly (don't get naked in transition).
"I will get lost or crash on the bike" - The bike course is only 9 miles long and is mostly pancake flat with some small hills. There are only four turns and the course will be heavily marshalled so you will know what to do. 
"I can't run" - The 2 mi run course is an "out and back" on the bike trail in Linden County Park.  You will run one mile, turn around and head back to finish your first real triathlon.
"I will be last" - You won't be last.  We have someone officially assigned to be last.  This person is designated at the 'lantern rouge', or the red lantern. 
The race is sponsored by the CSC Tri Club, a group of local triathletes who are dedicated to bringing new athletes into the sport of Triathlon.  Grab a friend and start training now as this race only comes once a year, and you first time comes only once in your life.  Many first time triathletes will go on to compete in races around the world.  Triathlon attracts many people because of the lifestyle.  The athletes are friendly and approachable with wealth of knowledge.  We want to see people fall in love with the sport like we have.  When you get to a point where triathlon is adopted as a lifestyle change you are not subject to the pitfalls of diets and targeted weight loss - you are in control.  Triathlon is a sport that has longevity because if you are having running issues, you hit the pool hard until the issues are gone.  If you have trouble finding time for the bike your running will carry over.  Swimming is a sport that sees the least injuries of any.  At the FirstTry finish line you graduate as triathlete and you will be filled with a sense of accomplishment that you simply have to experience to truly understand. 
Training for the FirstTry Triathlon is simple and takes little time commitment. Jump in the pool, swim a few laps, then jump on your bike, ride a couple of miles and then go for a short run afterwards. If you feel tired, stop. Go have a beer, go to work, watch TV, or phone a friend. If you feel good, keep going and keep increasing the distances week by week. If you get too busy with work, and take a few days or a week off training, so what? The key is to slowly incorporate training into your lifestyle. Remember, triathlons are fun! If you follow a regular training schedule, you will just naturally get faster. Our simple diet and training program: eat less food and exercise three times a week.
Have fun training, and we’ll see you at the FirstTry Triathlon!