For Safe And Effective First Trimester (Early) Abortion Use The Powerful HRAC


The Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Pill (PHRACP) Will Safely and Effectively Terminate Your Undeveloped Fetus In The Privacy Of your Home, Save You Important Time And Hundreds Of Dollars. It Is The Most Affordable, Safest, Simplest, Quickest And Best Early Abortion Procedure For More Than 35 Years!!



My name is Jay Royer; by the name you are for sure able to tell that I am a man and not a woman. I hope that you are not surprised that I am going to be addressing a safe, simple and effective abortion method, for I personally believe first trimester abortion (early abortion) cost too much. I am a herbalist, and for the past three and a half (31/2) years I have been healing and helping people. For those of you that are not sure, or do not know, a herbalist is a person that uses herbs to heal the sick. Besides herbs, I am also into alternative remedies. That is why I am going to tell you all about The Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive (PHRAC), that thousands of women of all ages around the world are using to quickly,safely and effectively terminate their undeveloped fetus in the privacy and comfort of their home. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars for the expensive abortion pill and time in the doctors' office/ clinic you will safely do it and save over 50% of your money in the same amount of time, when you order the Exclusive, Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Pill (PHRACP), right here on this website.
 What Is The Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Pill (PHRACP)?
The Powerful Herbal Remedy abortion Contraceptive Pill (PHRACP) is a non-surgical way to safely and quickly terminate a pregnancy up to 7 weeks (49 days) old in the comfort and privacy of your home using a very powerful abortive pill. It is 100% safe, and over 50% cheaper than the expensive abortion pill (pills). Women have been doing this for more than 50 years. The Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Pill works 100%. The same way women use to give birth safely to their babies in their homes without doctors, they used to safely, quickly and effectively treminate early pregnancies in their homes without any doctors also.
Did You Know Doctors Don't Physically Terminate Your Undeveloped Fetus If It's Less Than 7 weeks...
That's absolute true, doctors don't physically terminate your undeveloped fetus if you are less than 7 weeks (49 days) pregnant. That is the only reason why they give you the abortion pill to have an early abortion. It is the abortion pill (pills) you take that is terminating your pregnancy, not your doctor. Doctors only prescribe and give you the abortion pill; that's  why I believe the cost of abortion is too expensive if you are 7 weeks pregnant or less. IF you want to save over 50% on your early abortion, the Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Pill is what you need.
  • Fact:  In North America and other countries the abortion pill cost between $400 - $600+.
  • Fact:  You must visit a doctor to get the abortion pill.
  • Fact: No one likes waiting in a doctors' waiting room.
  • Fact: The abortion pill will cost you between $400-$600 for each abortion.
  • Fact: The Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Pill works 100%.


  • Fact: The (PHRACP) Will save you time and hunderds of dollars ($100's).
  • Fact: The (PHRACP) is 100% guarantee; 100% Risk Free.
  • Thousands of women have safely used the Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Pill to terminate their 1-7 weeks pregnancy for less than $200.
If You Want To Safely, Quickly and Effectively Have An Abortion And Save Hunderds Of Dollars, I Have Great News For You.  
If you order the Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Pill, you will never pay over $200 for an abortion as long as you live, which means you will save yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars in the future, depending how many times you might have an early abortion.
The Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Pill is100% safe and very effective just like over the counter abortion pills, it's just costing you $100's less. A win, win situation for you. You accomplish your goal and save lots of money.
You will never sit in a doctors' waiting room or answer personal questions to get over priced abortion pills.
 The Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Pill is very, very effective; All you have to do is follow the simple directions that comes in the package together with your abortion pill, on how to take the abortion and within hours it effortlessly starts to terminates your undeveloped fetus. 
Here's How The Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Pill Works.
When you take the Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Pill within 1 to 7 weeks (49 days) of your first trimester. It will cause the fertilized egg to detach from the lining of the (your) uterus and at the same time it causes uterine contractions and terminates the pregnancy without causing any problems to your health.
Note: Just a reminder, the sooner you take the Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Pill the more effective it will be, also you will recover much faster, just as with the abortion pill (pills).
Are There Any Side Effects From Taking The Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive
Pill (PHRACP)?
Yes, there are little side effects when you take the Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Pill. Some possible side effects of the PHRACP are heavy bleeding which is quite normal while an abortion (miscarriage), fatigue, uterine cramps and nausea, but again all these side effects are normal after having any type of abortion. For that reason, you should always try and have an abortion in the earliest stage as possible, you will have less side effects and recover much quicker. That's the reason why I made a special Note above. There are  also side effects when you take any abortion pill.
How Soon Will I Recover AfterTaking The Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Pill?
For the record, you will not be sick while taking the abortion pill. Most women take the pill and do their daily activity as normal without any problem. They are quite aware of what's happening with thier body at that particular time so they don't push thier bodies to any physical limit. A few women I contacted told me they went about their day/s as they are accustomed too. Most women bleed for a few days some may bleed for a week, others for a little longer. Because every woman's body is slightly different, the time will vary and that is quite normal.
What should I Do After I Take The Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Pill?
After you take the Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Pill you should listen to your body. Any sudden change you feel in your stomach is a sign that the Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Pill is beginning to work effortlessly detaching the fertilized egg from the lining of your uterus. when you start getting stomach cramps it is the uterine that is contracting. These are signs that the safe, effective Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Pill is serving its purpose. You should try and get as much rest as possible; avoid doing any physical work until you feel better. It is very important to always listen to your body. Again, take some time off and rest yourself...
 How Comes I have Never Heard Of The Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Pill Before ?
Simple! It's Only Available On This Website!
Why Isn't My Doctor Telling Me About The Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Pill?
That's a very good question that only your doctor can answer, you should ask him/ her the next time you pay him/ her a visit. However, I can try and guess why; I don't think your doctor or doctors know about the Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Pill. And even if they know, it is in their best interest to keep you in the dark; they would lose money for sure. It cost between $400-$600 plus to perform a simple abortion if a woman is between 1-7 weeks pregnant when she visits a doctor. All you get is 2 small pills take one now and in 2-5 days you visit the doctor and take the other abortion pill, your doctor ask you a few questions, and you pay the doctor so much money. If they know about the Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Pill and tell you, it's obvious you will not go to them and you would save yourself at least $300. I don't blame the doctors, do you? They run a business and they have bills to pay...
   How Will I Get The  Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Pill And How Much Will Shipping & Handling Cost Me?
 The Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Pill will be mailed to you through USPS Priority Shipping along with a tracking number. Orders are shipped out everyday before 2 pm eastern time. The package will be label USPS Priority Mail  so ONLY YOU will know what's inside. Shipping & Handling is only $12.95.
How Safe Is The Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Pill?
The Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Pill is 100% safe. It is %100 safe as the  regular expensive abortion pill...




Here's what a few women had to say after ordering the Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Pill and having a safe successful abortion without any complication/s.

Hi Jay, I heard about the Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive from a girl friend of mine who had ordered it. I ordered it and received it within 3 days; she was right, it worked 100% and saved me over $300 plus I did not have to sit in a boring waiting room full of strangers. Thanks, Rhonda F. South Carolina, USA.
Hey Jay, thanks for sending me the Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive . I have experienced with the abortion pill and I can tell you it is expensive if you are on a fixed income or unemployed. This herb is a god sent and it works 100%, I was passing blood within hours after drinking the tea, you must have done some deep research and I hope women appreciate your hard work. You have saved me well over $375 for I was on my 5th week of pregnancy. I also had a very quick recovery.Thanks for the savings and education. Wendy J, Sydney Australia. 
Hi Jay,  thank you for making this Powerful Abortive Herb available to women. I'm in a relationship for 2 years but not yet ready to mother a child, I'm also in a tight financial situation and I have to say, I found your website at the right time. Instead of paying over $300 you saved me all that money which I will put into something else.  The Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive works perfectly because I'm no longer pregnant and it literally saved me more than $ 300. Thanks and all the best. Martha W, Toronto Canada. 
Hey Jay, I just wanted to tell you that I ordered your Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive and it really works . After making the herbal tea and drinking it couple hours after I started spoting blood. To make a long story short, 2 weeks after I took a pregnancy test and it showed negative. I will never visit a doctor if I ever get pregnant and pay hundreds of dollars when I can save  time and lots of money with this powerful natural herb that has been here forever. Convensional abortion cost to much,  This Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive will save women thousands of dollars. Thanks for the valuable infomation, Jenn Smith, New York, USA
Hey Jay, thanks for sharing important information to every woman out there. I ordered your Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive after visiting your website. I did have a very safe abortion after drinking the tea so I can say it worked 100% and it also saved me well over $ 300 dollars. You made a whole lot of sense for I personally find the abortion pills are to expensive. I like that the simple directions, straight to the point and I received it in about 3 days. I wish you all the best, Hanna Carpenter, BC, Canada.
Hi Jay,  I recently ordered the Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive and it worked great. I was a couple weeks pregnant, now I am no longer pregnant. I have full confidence in mother earth remedy and in the future I will order it again if I have to. It was like making ordinary tea, just had to wait 30 minutes before I drank it. But it was better than going to a doctor's and what a saving compareto the abortion pill. It also worked100% for a girlfriend of mine, she could not believe it...  Thanks for saving me and my girlfriend time and lots of money combined together. Sally H, London, England.

Hey Jay, I came across your site while searching for affordable non-surgical abortion. After reading your web page, I decided to order the Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive . Someone once told me you don't have to visit a doctor or buy any abortion pills to have an early abortion for there are alternatives, and you hit the nail right on head. I strongly believe in that old saying, " there are many ways to skin a cat ".  The Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive  worked 100%, it also saved me about $400, for I called a doctors' office and she quoted me at $ 400. I Cannot thank you enough for helping me out. Terri N, New Jersey, USA.
As You Can See The Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Works 100%.
So, What Happens If I Order The Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Report and It Does not work For Me?
If The Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Does not Work For You,
You Get A Refund, Less The Shipping & Handling Cost. No Questions Ask!
If the Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive did not work for you, just ask for a refund by sending an email from the email address you got when you ordered your Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive and I will be happy to issue it back o your credit card or Paypal account instantly.
 Here’s a summary of all the benefits you'll receive when you order    The Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive.

•100% Privacy

•Absolutely No Harmful Side Effects

•You Can Start To Safely And Effectively Terminate Your Undeveloped Fetus As Soon As Possible

•You Will Literally Save Hundreds Of Dollars Instantly (Plus For Future Use At No Extra Cost)

•No More Expensive Over The Counter Drugs (Pills) With Side Effects
•No More Abortion Pills To Buy

•Ingredients Are 100% Natural (Straight From The Earth)

•Works 100% Of The Time

•100% Risk Free

•100% Money Back Guaranteed

+ USD $10,000 Challenge To Prove All The Ingredients Are %100 Safe

I know the benefits are very important  to every woman; so I have decided to make the Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive Report available to every woman at a special price of $59.00 ,+ $20.95 ($79.95) for Shipping & Handling , but only For A Limited Time!!

Hurry! Get Your Powerful Herbal Remedy Abortion Contraceptive BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE FOR YOU...
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