...to First Evangelical Lutheran Church.

We welcome all people to participate in the life of this church.

As our name clearly states, we are a Christian church in the Lutheran tradition.  Every church probably likes to think that they’re a friendly, welcoming church.  We like to think we are too, and a number of people have actually told us that’s the case.

We also like to think of our church community as a church family and a church home.  If you or your family were once a part of this church home but you’ve been away for a while, we’d love for you to come back again.  If you don’t have another church home then we invite you to consider whether you’d like to make First Lutheran your church home.


Through a process of prayer, Bible study, and discussion our congregation developed a Purpose Statement and a set of Guiding Principles.  This is our conclusion about what God is calling us to be and do as a congregation in this place and this time and what we stand for as we live out God’s purpose for us.

Our Purpose Statement says:

“God’s purpose for our church is to share the love of Jesus Christ with our community and the world.”

Our Guiding Principles say:
  • We praise and worship Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour.
  • We commit to the proclamation of God's Word.
  • We live God's purpose for us as revealed through the Holy Spirit.
  • We support one another as members of God's family.
  • We work with others to strive for social justice.