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Please feel free to read what some of our volunteers have to say about First Step...

"Volunteering at First Step is brilliant! It gets me out of my house, and I enjoy doing it and I like the children as well. I have been here 22 years and I have been smiling all the time."
Agnes 'East Lothian Volunteer of the year 2011 ' - Read What the Papers Say
(Playroom volunteer)

"I have been a volunteer with First Step for 22 years. During that time I have held different positions on the management committee, this has helped me grow as a person, learning new skills such as public speaking and making submissions for funding. First Step is a very special place to me, it brings together the whole family and wraps it's arms around them, nurturing them and filling them with confidence to move on in their own way."
Anne Milne (Chair of Management Committee)

"I started coming to First Step to teach sewing about 12 years ago, since then I have helped with crafting at the summer groups and other events. I enjoy doing this because I like to see others achieving new skills"
Jeanette Cameron (Grans Group, Family Opps and Fundraising sub-group member)

"Volunteering gave me the opportunity to meet new people and build my confidence"
(Fundraising sub-group member)

"First Step is a very unique organisation with some of the most dedicated staff and volunteers I have ever met. I support the management committee with sourcing and applying for funding and helping to keep this brilliant project going. I feel very proud to be part of First Step."
Eilidh Chalmers (Funding Advisor)