Sleep Clinic

At the sleep clinic we work with individual families who are having difficulties getting a good nights sleep and having to deal with the effects of sleep deprivation while looking after their child/children.  

Individual Sleep Clinic
Our first discussion will be around finding out why you have contacted the Sleep Clinic, your child’s current sleep pattern, and routines. 
We will then ask that you complete a 7 day sleep diary to support staff in considering what you might be able to do help to improve your sleep issue
Together we  discuss a plan which the parent/carer believes is achievable and are willing to adhere to.  
Support is provided through follow up sessions at home or in the project.  

Group Sleep Clinic
From time to time we run Group Sleep Clinics to  provide advice and support to several families at once. These sleep clinics are fairly small in size and are usually run by the fantastic Linda Russell (the sleep lady). If you are interested in attending our next Group Sleep Clinic please contact Jennifer or Claire on 0131 665 0848.

We strongly advise all parents/carers to discuss their sleep issues with their child's health visitor or GP in the first instance. 

Our Sleep clinic is a very popular service and we try to support as many families as possible however there can sometimes be a waiting list for this service.