David Johnson

Dave Johnson grew up in Western New York and lived there until he attended college in Schenectady New York where he received a degree in Civil Engineering.  Shortly after graduating he entered the United States Air Force where he served as a Civil Engineer, Environmental Engineer, and Staff Officer from 1969 until he retired in 1990 having served over twenty years and having spent five and a half of those years overseas.  He qualified expert in handgun, rifle and machine gun.  He assisted in weapons training as well as conducting chemical warfare training during his career.

He owned and operated Johnson’s Sporting Goods as a Federal Firearms License dealer for twelve years while in the Air Force, he worked at Jumbo Sports for two years ending as the Hunting and Fishing Manager prior to their closing in late 1999 and most recently was a salesman for a local gun store for ten years.

Dave is a certified NRA Instructor and has been teaching the CCDW (Concealed Carry Deadly Weapon) class since 2008. He received his first Concealed Carry Permit in New York State in 1975 and has since been issued permits in DE, PA, FL, NH, UT and AZ.

Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson entered the shooting community at the early age of five and has since spent most of his life around firearms. Beginning at a young age with The Young Marines and Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, Jeff took the next step at age seventeen enlisting in the Delaware Army National Guard's 153rd Military Police Company. It was during his eight year period in the military that he gained real world experience during a year long tour in Iraq and achieved his “Excellence in Competition” Badge and “Governor's Twenty” Tab for competitive shooting.

Jeff’s civilian experience in the industry includes working as a Range Officer for Delaware’s Division of Fish & Wildlife for two years, attending numerous classes on Firearms Safety, Weapons Manipulation & Concealed Carry as well as completing his NRA Instructor Course for Basic Pistol and Personal Protection Inside the Home. Jeff is also an NRA Certified Range Officer. Jeff has also spent time working at a local Federal Firearm License dealer.

Jeff obtained his first Concealed Carry of a Deadly Weapon Permit in Delaware at the age of eighteen and has since been issued non-resident permits in NH, PA, FL & UT.

Jeff is the Owner of Patriot Armory, a local Airsoft Equipment Supply Store located in Middletown, DE. In addition to its use as a recreation sport (similar to paintball), Airsoft is a valuable tool for low cost, safe and effective weapons manipulation and concealed carry training. Patriot Armory also specializes in working directly with Law Enforcement and Military entities, providing both equipment and training.