Due to a recent change at Ommelanden Range, instructors are no longer permitted to utilize the facility to teach students firearm safety or basic shooting fundamentals. As a result we will no longer be offering our weekly concealed carry course at that facility despite having done so since 2008. We are presently finalizing a transition to a new facility for the shooting portion of our course. Until this process is complete, all scheduled courses are on hold. If you're interested in signing up for future courses, feel free to e-mail or call us and we'll put you on a contact list to be notified when courses resume.

First State Firearms Training provides training to law abiding citizens wishing to complete the training requirement for Delaware's Concealed Carry of a Deadly Weapon (CCDW) Permit. Courses also benefit those simply interested in advancing their knowledge of safe and effective firearms handling; particularly in the use for self defense.

Crafted by a Father and Son team with combined extensive firearms and military background, courses offered by First State Firearms Training are tailored specifically for those interested in protecting both themselves and their families when confronted with a life or death situation. With courses designed for both new shooters and for those with years behind the gun,
First State Firearms Training can meet your needs and build upon your existing knowledge and experience.

Located in Middletown, Delaware, First State Firearms Training provides you with quality training by nationally recognized and certified instructors.

Company Motto: "Be Prepared."