Our next Session meeting will be held on Sunday, January 21, immediately following Worship.

Most Recent Session Highlights

Class of 2018

Amanda Avery
Jennifer Dixon
Robin Knott
Sharon Wilson

Class of 2019
George Laase
Reese Roper
JoAnn Tigert
Donna Goble
Hugh B. Sproul
Class of 2020
David Lowman, Sr.
Louise Whipple
Stephany Morgan

Clerk of Session:  Paige Kullman

Paul Goble
Assistant Treasurer
James R. Cooke, Jr.

                                       James R. Cooke, Jr.                    Scott Wilson                    Bret Ritchie


Robin Knott, Louise Whipple

The Mission Committee focuses on all local outreach and national and international mission activities, including the Haiti Education Foundation, Blankets Plus (CWS), CWS Kits (Hygiene, School, Baby, Cleanup), One Great Hour of Sharing, and the Christmas Joy Gift.  Also responsible for several fundraising events, such as the annual Silent Auction, the Haiti fundraising lunch/dinner, and receptions for visiting missionaries or mission personnel. They are also responsible for the development and coordinating of hands-on community service projects, financially supporting worthwhile local missions, and organizing and publicizing community events.

Sharon Wilson, JoAnn Tigert

This committee is responsible for the worship life of the congregation, as expressed through Sunday worship services, prayer groups, joint worship with other groups and other special services. This committee maintains the program of music, including the choirs and the instruments involved, along with the presentation of the Sacraments, the ushers, memorial gifts, and weddings and funerals. 

George Laase, Reese Roper

The Discipleship Committee is responsible for functions of our Youth Group, weekday bible studies, special educational opportunities, and Sunday classes.The Sunday school classes range from toddlers through adults, and there is a nursery caregiver on Sunday mornings and at other times by arrangement.  

Congregational Life 
Amanda Avery, David Lowman, Sr.

This committee is responsible for arranging events and times of fellowship activities, including family night suppers/program, receptions, picnics, and the annual Christmas dinner. Also responsible for care for shut-ins, the ill, and those suffering loss.

Hugh B. Sproul, III, Donna Goble

This committee coordinates the care and upkeep of the church facilities, including all buildings and grounds, and is responsible for maintenance of equipment, for the review and maintenance of insurance coverage on the church property, use of the facilities by non-church groups, and recruiting volunteers to assist with projects and opening/closing buildings.

Jennifer Dixon, Stephany Morgan

This committee is responsible for general administrative matters, committee assignments and functions,  personnel oversight, records, and communicating concerns of governing bodies to the appropriate person(s) or group(s) within our congregation.  They have fine-tuned methods of evaluating the church staff, reviewed salaries and terms of employment, are creating a "Green Book" that would be able to answer any questions about church policies and methods, and have undertaken a review and audit of the church's finances in order to have all information and systems up to date. Also responsible for insurance and leasing issues. Meetings are called by chairmen as needed.