Our music program is rich and varied, offering opportunities for all ages and abilities to participate with the goal of providing music for a worship that reflects the whole Body of Christ in our midst.  Many soloists (vocal and instrumental) are found in our congregation, and we are blessed to use their gifts in worship from time to time.

Organ:  Our organ is a 1938 build 45 rank (with cathedral chimes), 3 manual Henry Pilcher’s Son’s pipe organ.  The instrument was fully restored in 2009 and is very well maintained.

 Piano:  We also play a wonderful historic Mason & Hamlin grand piano and a more modern K. Kawaii (built for Japanese market) grand piano.  

 Hand Bell Ensemble:  Our English Hand Bell ensemble is 3 octaves plus chimes.

 Music Ensembles:

 Adult Chancel Choir (open to Senior High through adult) consists of approximately 16-20 members.  Rehearsal is 7:30 pm every Wednesday (September through May), and each Sunday morning at 10:15 am June through August.  Anthems and choral responses range from classical to contemporary and encompass many styles.  The Choir sings each Sunday during worship, year round.

 Melodious Ringers English Hand Bell Choir meets at 6:30 each Wednesday from September through May.  This 3-octave plus chimes ensemble is open to anyone interested in playing - with opportunities for musical novices as well as experienced ringers, youth and adults.  This ensemble performs approximately 6 times per school year in worship.

 Children’s Choir is open to all children, ages pre-K through elementary school.  The Children’s choir is a great opportunity to use music to reinforce the basic tenants of our faith through song, and to allow young worshipers the opportunity to experience guided worship as a way of teaching our worship traditions to the next generation.  This ensemble performs in worship as they are able, usually several times per school year.

Over a year ago, Otto Pebworth substituted as our organist for a Sunday morning service. That Sunday, Otto recalls, his wife was called in to serve as a substitute handbell ringer. 
Otto so impressed some of our members that he was highly recommended to the Music Leadership Search Committee as a possible Interim Organist.  Otto has served a number of churches in an Interim capacity.  He shared through his interview that he finds it very meaningful to help churches and choirs through a transition period in their music leadership. Other professional activities include organ building and service work, as well as sound reinforcement installation and service. 

A quote from Otto: 

“I see my primary purpose as a Parish Musician, as one who serves to lead people into worship…most importantly by the congregation’s active participation in singing.”  A challenge to us the congregation, let us sing out as Otto at the organ leads us!