The Primary and Elementary church school classes currently meet in the Youth Lounges in the Fraser Building in broadly-graded classes.
First Presbyterian Church uses a variety of lectionary based approaches and curriculum for younger and older elementary classes.
All young children experience developmental milestones in elementary school - from physical to intellectual, to social and emotional - and faith is not an exception.
Through Bible stories shared in a variety of ways, children learn in a setting that stimulates their imaginations and encourages class participation.
All classes are taught with an emphasis on reformed theology, and how we, as Presbyterians, understand the word of God and how to apply it in our daily lives.
Special projects have been conceived by the children in their Church School classes, including a downtown lemonade stand that raised several hundred dollars for the children in Haiti.

The Sunday school classroom and nursery in Potter Building are ready and inviting for youngsters. Thank you to everyone for the group effort in preparing the classroom. Thank you to Mary Meade, who has been anxiously awaiting each Sunday in the Sunday school classroom, ready to spread God's word and love. We continue to have high hopes that the children will come, as we have someone there every Sunday morning prepared with a lesson. Please sign up to teach from time to time in the Sunday school classroom, as we are relying on volunteers. Contact Robin Knott or Jenny Dixon to sign up, please. Thank you!

Thank you also to Sam Clem and Paul Goble for teaching the Youth Sunday school and Adult Sunday school, respectively.