Due to Mary Baldwin Charter Day, the regularly-scheduled Bible Study has been canceled on Wednesday, August 31.

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Confirmands at Pastor Karen's house.

Our altar awaiting confirmands.

“Let them grow together until the harvest…”  
Mt. 13:30
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
This is whacked!  I came back from Montreat and my yard had been mowed.  YAY!  However, the yard man’s young helper decided my pea vines were weeds, and whacked them.  Boo!  And a straggling grape vine. What?!  And a struggling rose bush. No!  Along with, undoubtedly, weeds that had sprung up during my time away.  
I breathed a day and then I called the yard man, and very nicely encouraged him to share with his young assistant NOT to whack anything in a flower box. THAT’S RIGHT.   All these things were inside a bordered garden plot.  If it’s inside these wooden boundaries, treat it nice. I don’t care what has eaten on it, I don’t care if it’s straggly, I don’t care that it doesn’t look like it could bear a rose or a pod, that doesn’t mean it’s worthless.
How much more so human beings?!  God put us into such a lovely garden, but these past few months the temperament of our nation is a little like the gardener’s assistant on a hot day – 
discounting everyone, devaluing life based on appearances.
Scripture tells us “the Lord sees not as humans see: humans look on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” God knows what he has planted, and how long it will take to grow.  In the meantime, we can’t give up on the garden.  Not our church, not the nation, not the world.  

    My stragglers, have in fact produced fruit, all snuggled together like peas in a pod (go figure!).  The grape vine has sprung right back up.  The rose bush, after a bit of a pout, sent out new shoots.  In the meantime, I have scattered more (and different!) seed into that box.  We’ll see.  
Don’t stop sowing friends.  As we tend to our corner of the world, let us regard all living things with an eye and a heart that is – in the Gospel according to Tim McGraw – “humble and kind.” 

Many Blessings,  Karen

PS: You can view the video to “Humble and Kind” at

Congratulations to our newly confirmed youth members of First Presbyterian Church! 

"A Newspaper in One Hand and a Bible in the Other" - Our Bible Study continues on Wednesdays at 10 am in the Library. Pastor Karen will use a news headline each week to launch a discussion of how scripture speaks to it.  Bring your Bibles!  Coffee and pastries will be served.
Can you help the Food Pantry? Items currently needed for our pantry include canned fruit, canned vegetables, and tuna.  Donations may be brought to the church office or placed in the canvas hamper in the narthex.

Valley Mission needs hot dogs, any kind of lunch meat, Parmesan cheese, margarine, pancake mix, syrup, BBQ sauce, napkins, feminine products, sunblock, chap stick, umbrellas, raincoats/ponchos, disposable bowls/forks.  Please deliver perishable items to the mission and non-perishables to the box in the narthex. Thank you!