Session, Committees and Trustees

The Session of First Presbyterian Church is the governing body for all decisions.  Elders of the church are eligible to be elected by the congregation for a two (2) year term of service.  The Sessions consists of 10 elders, 5 of which are elected (or re-elected for another two year term) each year.  

    Elders on Session


Class of 2021                        Class of 2022                Class of 2023

Rachael Newton                      Darrell Griffin                 Kathy Hoffman

Virginia Penn                          Terry Hammer                Wayne Ruggles

Carol Preston


  • Worship Team (Terry Hammer, Virginia Penn)
  • Property Team (Rachael Newton, Carol Preston, Wayne Ruggles)
  • Administration Team (Kathy Hoffman, Darrel Griffin)
  • Nominating Committee
          Session: Terry Hammer, Wayne Ruggles
          Congregation:  Tom Cooper, Tracie Hoffman, Carolyn Hughes
  • Personnel Committee
        Session:  Darrel Griffin, Rachael Newton, Virginia Penn
        Congregation:  Brenda Griffin


Kevin Conrad                    Class of 2021
Leo Reed                          Class of 2022
Tracie Hoffman                  Class of 2023