Session, Committees and Trustees

The Session of First Presbyterian Church is the governing body for all decisions.  Elders of the church are eligible to be elected by the congregation for a two (2) year term of service.  The Sessions consists of 10 elders, 5 of which are elected (or re-elected for another two year term) each year.  

    Elders on Session


Class of 2018                                                      Class of 2019

Ruthie Adams                                                      Virginia Penn

John Hoffman                                                      Carol Preston

Peggy Holden                                                      Leo Reed

Carolyn Hughes                                                   Sharon Roggenkamp

Jimmy Stone                                                       Carl Werner


  • Christian Education (Virginia Penn - chair)
  • Missions (Carolyn Hughes, Carol Preston - co-chairs)
  • Fellowship  (Peggy Holden)
  • Worship  (John T Hoffman)
  • Properties (Jimmy Stone, Leo Reed - co-chairs)
  • Stewardship (Carl Werner)
  • Communicare (Sharon Roggenkamp)
  • Membership (Ruthie Adams)
  • Personnel (John T. Hoffman - chair, Jimmy Stone, Sharon Roggenkamp)
  • Nominating (Carl Werner, Carol Preston)


Kevin Conrad                Class of 2018
Rick Strode                  Class of 2019
Mary Williamson           Class of 2020