Sunday School

Classes begin at 9:45am and are available for all ages. 
SUNDAY SCHOOL... children, young people, and adults...learning more about Jesus and growing in the knowledge of His Word.


    • are involved in making the world a better place
    • have gifts and use them in God’s service
    • celebrate that they are part of God’s community and participate in it
    • grow closer to God and follow God’s ways by learning about Jesus
    • love the Bible and want to understand it
    • develop an informed, mature, and deep spiritual life
    • rely on God's Holy Spirit throughout life
Please join us each week as we learn more about:
    • God's love for us, as revealed through His Son, Jesus Christ
    • The Holy Spirit's guidance in our daily lives
    • The divinely inspired Word of God, the HOLY BIBLE
    • How we, as Christians, can improve our day-to-day relationship with our Creator and Redeemer...the one, true God.
Sunday's worth an extra hour a week.