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Cost figure estimations for CNA training and certification courses

CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant is one of the fastest growing jobs or fields of work in the health and medical field and is a highly sought after course. Those who work as CNAs deal with patients and offer them daily living help, assist them with basic nursing tasks and offer them bed care as well. They usually work under the assistance of a Registered Nurse and may also be required to administer medications and injections. In order to become a CNA, a person is required to take up a certified nursing assistant course and gain nursing school certification in this field. There are many institutes that offer the training and certification but you must choose one carefully, after making sure that you are not being overcharged.

The certified nursing assistant course curriculum usually includes 80 hours of classroom study and instruction along with 40 hours of clinical instruction. The clinical instruction or training is done in a medical or nursing facility whereas the classroom study part is done under the supervision of a registered nurse. This entire procedure usually costs around $1300 including tuition fee and course material.  You must look for a course which asks you to pay between $1000 and $1300 and definitely not more than $1500.

Once a student has completed the program mentioned above successfully, he/she usually becomes eligible for another program which is known as National Nurse Aide Assessment certification exam.

The cost of such courses is above a $1000 mark because the classroom study and clinical training are both included and help students learn a lot. They get to learn about nursing skills, physiology, infection control and nutrition. These subjects help them throughout life, not just in their career as a nursing assistant but also to take care of themselves and their family members.

The CNA program tagged at this rate usually prepares individuals to work in health related facilities and hospitals.  After training, the candidates become capable of helping patients with their basic physical, social and psychological needs.

These individuals can also then go on to work as care assistants, clinical assistants, nursing assistants, care partners and patient care assistants as well.

When looking for a certified nursing assistant course or gaining a nursing school certification, one must always try to compare schools not just on the basis of the training they offer but also the cost of the course. There are many schools that are demanding very high prices for such training and are unjustly looting candidates who do not have knowledge of the cost figures. It is important to be informed before you pay such a big part of your savings.   If you are looking for a nursing certification school in northern Virginia, then you can log on to . This school is offering CNA training at a discounted rate currently. Don’t miss the opportunity.