First Nations Literature For Children

Welcome to First Nations Literature for Children, a site dedicated to creating a fictional application for funding for a fictional school, from the equally fictional Joanne de Groot Foundation.
Contained in this site is a comprehensive list of quality First Nations, Inuit and Métis resources for Canadian Teacher-Librarians and classroom teachers, along with the criteria for selecting these materials.
A rationale for funding such a collection and a description of a fictional school setting are also included.  
It is our hope that despite the fictional nature of this proposal, all visitors to this site will find worthwhile information that they may use to further their practice. Keep in mind that while the 
Whispering Valley Community School
, the proposal for funds and the Joanne de Groot Foundation are all fictional, the resources, arguments and statistics are factual and representative of real situations in Canadian education. Please feel free to use any part of this site in ways that will help your school.  

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