About Us

Why you should support First National Foundation

First National Real Estate offices are closely involved with every community they are a part of. First National Foundation - the philanthropic arm of First National Real Estate - was founded to focus fundraising efforts to strengthen those communities.

Every year, First National members raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to help their local communities in times of need - money for schools, community building, and healthcare, local sporting organisations - the list goes on.

Nationally, First National Foundation partners with Australian Red Cross and other charities to raise funds and help Communities in crisis. Funds donated to Australian Red Cross are directed exclusively to Red Cross Emergency Services, which distributes information aimed at helping communities prepare for, respond to and recover from natural disasters.

As members of the First National network, we involve ourselves in fundraising to engage with our local communities, not to profit from them. As estate agents, the desire to ‘give something back’ is the compelling motivation.

First National Foundation was founded to tangibly demonstrate our commitment to community. As a registered, not for profit, independent corporation, it provides a vehicle through which all funds raised nationally may be pooled, tracked and then distributed to worthy causes.

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