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(or: Mike Padlipsky's Other MAPstuff Place) 

Various things I thought it worthwhile to place on exhibit here to take some of the load off my real ISP, which is a nice little pro bono local operation and not to be confused with my faux ISP that only makes a pathetic excuse for a personal web page available to its victims.  In no particularly special order, really, though going through things in the order presented wouldn't be that bad a mistake if you're not here looking for something "further down" in particular.

[  X  ] Watch this space; someday I'll manage to put a streaming version of the 0th Reunion Movie here, with any luck at all ... it being why I wanted the googpage in the first place, after all.]


 The War on Brainwashing-related stuff (see firstmap on YouTube):  

silencetheoryredux.html   ***CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE THEORY***

4fellownics.html    ***For Fellow Nicopariahs plinkables***

said-t-shirt.jpg   If you're curious about the "Round VII" wardrobe

notrude.html   About that not-rude gesture in Round IX...

counterblaste.html   ***A COUNTERBLASTE FOR TOBACCO***


And  the  "normal", pre-existing stuff: 

allnight.html  (the semifamous "And They Argued All Night..." polemic)

JohnnyNerd.html  (about why programmers won't read)

rationality.html  (about the political incorrectness of rationality) 

pcpolice.html  (another "take" on Political Correctness) 

pipersrights.html (about the loss of Jon Postel, basically)

TheBook-Rededication.html   (another "take" on losing Jon) 

(Oh, yeah, said Book: The Elements of Networking Style and Other Essays and Animadversions on the Art of Intercomputer Networking ) 

psaplus.html (about the ISP-impersonator that came with my DSL line)

inverse-differentiation.html (about playing nasty connotation games for political profit)

oe-ps.html  ("On E-Placebos")

mtnsb.html  ("Missing the Newer-School Bus?")

ppapp.html (about the Petty Personal Abuse of Positional Power ... and RFC666)

rfc666.pdf (said RFC666)

TheResearchNotes.pdf (the semifamous Research Notes about my real field of research interest)

(Also, the background piece to the RNs: proleg.html and the supplement to it: psupp.html )

And there's even a semiauthorized quasibiography disguised as an annotated bibliography by my old friend Bill at:  billbib.html

Then, of course, finally there's TheThesis.pdf (the semidemifamous M.I.T. Thesis About Science Fiction)