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Social Class in Education

Thinking Class
This website contains a wealth of resources and readings to help inform the University community about issues affecting U-M students of poor and working-class (P/WC) socio-economic backgrounds.

Association of Working Class Academics
"The Association of Working Class Academics advocates for students and faculty of poverty- and working-class origins, strives to implement reforms designed to assure greater class equity within colleges and universities, establishes relationships and connections between poverty- and working-class academics, and serves as an informational resource for those interested in issues affecting poverty- and working-class people."

Double Whammy of Disadvantage
An article detailing statistics and the disadvantages of being from a low-class background and a first-generation college student

The Social Construction of a Working Class Academic
An excerpt by Dwight Lang from This Fine Place So Far From Home: Voices of Academics from the Working Class