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General Academic Resources

Student Success: Get Through-Do Well
Steps to success presented by McGraw Hill for each year of college and beyond! Very useful tips.

First Year Student: The College Freshman
Information and links for current College Freshman, including tips about campus life and managing finances.

College Freshman Year 101
A Student Survival Tip Guide to Help Navigate Your First Semester

Your First Year of College
25 Tips to Help You Survive and Thrive Your Freshman Year and Beyond

Freshman Experience
A networking tool for freshman attending colleges across the country

Twelve Things All College Freshman Should Know
A list of tips from Penn State faculty and staff for incoming freshman

Year Planner: College Freshman
A month-by-month checklist to ensure your first semester of college is a success!

42 Bite-Sized Tips for College Freshmen (, 03-08-2010)

Freshman 15: Coping with the First Year of College

Money Management Tips Every College Student Should Know

9 Survival Tips for College Freshman

The Definitive Freshman Checklist
Textbook resources for college freshman. How to save big on those expensive books!

10 Essential Laundry Tips for College Freshman
How to handle the responsibility of your own laundry in college!

My Tips for Freshman Year
Kevin from gives the top 5 tips he wishes he had known going into freshman year.

How To Ruin Your Freshman Year of College 
Everyone wants to tell you what you SHOULD DO your freshman year. Here are a few things to AVOID.

Ensuring Success for Every Student: A Resource Guide for School Counselors
Provided as a resource for counselors, this site has a list of websites useful for any college-bound student.

Program Hope Chest for Foster Care Graduates
This site is targeted at high school graduates who come from the foster care system.