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First-Gens in the News

First Generation Students Navigate College Life
     Written by Jordan Medina, a first generation college student,
     about our our group and struggles some of us have faced.

Separate Dorms for First-Generation Freshmen?
Though those freshmen deserve extra support, segregating them into separate dorms is a bad idea, says Richard Kahlenberg.

Keeping First Generation Kids Students on Track
For freshman college students, it's the end of first semester. For many first generation college kids, grades, work and money are already a struggle. In fact only 15 percent complete their degrees within 6 years. Host Michel Martin and a panel of moms and education experts discuss how parents can help their students succeed.

Campus leaders promote student activism at Day of Reflection event
When LSA senior Angel Martin came to the University five years ago, she was the first person in her family to attend college and she noticed something was missing.

First-generation college students among most at risk
Among the 30,000 college students arriving this week on area campuses, many bring an extra level of stress — navigating a landscape foreign not only to them, but to their parents too.

Tuition and then some: Area students reap millions in Pell refunds
Nearly 7,600 students not only attended college for free in Flint last year, but they came out ahead.

Mentors assist college’s first-generation students
“There’s a sense of pride that you’re different (from students whose parents are college graduates). But there’s also a sense of responsibility not to let your family or yourself down,” he said.

Tackling Issues Faced by First-Generation Students at the University of Michigan
Intended to raise awareness, this article by Dwight Lang sheds light on the first-generation population on Michigan's campus

From First-Generation College Student to First Lady
Check out this inspiring article by Margaret Daniels Tyler and Karen Y. Johns from Diverse: Issues in Higher Education. They recount First Lady Michelle Obama's journey from being a first-generation college student to becoming the First Lady as well as what needs to be done to address issues faced by low-income and/or first-generation students.

First generation college students to gather in Tallahassee
An article from the Miami Herald by Luisa Yanez: "Nearly 100 first generation college students will be in Tallahassee Tuesday to promote education reform and share personal experiences with legislators on how they overcame systemic and socio-economic barriers to get a college education."

Other Voices: U-M group provides support for 1st-generation students
An op-ed piece by Dwight Lang, one of First-Gens@Michigan's faculty advisors, introducing the group to the Ann Arbor community.

First Generation Stories publication wins gold award
First-generation college graduates at California State University, Fresno were awarded a gold medal in a multi-state competition for their First Generation Story Project.

First-generation students struggle to find their place in college
A commentary out of Seattle University about the growing presence and inherent problems faced by first-generation students at colleges today

University of Michigan focuses on low-income students, but fewer enroll
An article from the Ann Arbor News concerning the recent decline in low-income and first-generation students at the university.

Study Finds Graduation Gap for First-Generation Students, Regardless of Preparation
An article put forth by The Chronicle of Higher Education

Viewpoint: Support first-gen students
Be sure to check out the awesome piece in the Michigan Daily by recent UM graduate Serena Hinz about the concerns of first-generation students on Michigan's campus. Originally published May 9th, 2010, it can be found in print in this summer edition of the Daily or online on the Daily's website.