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First-Generation Projects and Websites

The mission of Pre-K2BA is to provide academic support services to parents of students who will be the first in their families to attend and graduate from college. In the world of education, we call these students "first generation college-goers."

Among Privileged Classmates, I'm an Outsider
Bobby Allyn, a senior at American University studying philosophy, writes of his experience as a first-generation student from a working-class background at private universities.

First-Generation Themed Housing at University of Cincinnati
The University of Cincinnati offers off-campus housing specifically designed for first-generation students.

Second Home for First-Gens 
An article for The New York Times by Dana Jennings about the First-Generation Themed Housing at the University of Cincinnati

Navigating the different avenues of undergraduate engagement at the University of Michigan
Dwight Lang writes of his day spent walking around Festifall at the University of Michigan in this guest column for

First Generation Story Project
The First Generation Stories Project, created at California State University-Fresno, is a collection of stories written by first-generation faculty and staff designed to provide inspiration and role models for first-generation students.

First in the Family
Are you college material? The answer is “Yes!” Check out these videos, hard facts, tips, planning checklists, and words of inspiration from first generation students who have gone before you. Check out the resources, too. Believe in your right to college. Get the knowledge you need.

FastWeb: Unique Concerns for First-Generation College Students

First Generation Student Organization at the University of Kentucky
The purpose of the First Generation Student Organization at the University of Kentucky is to provide support, sponsor social events, offer workshops, seminars, and speakers to first-generation students at the University of Kentucky.