Please consider joining us for our 4th Annual First-Gens Graduation Celebration on April 30th at 5:30pm. 
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About Us

In the Fall of 2007, with great assistance from UM Administration and Residence Education, a small team of undergraduate and graduate students created a program that hopes to eventually offer a variety of resources, advising, and outreach to current and future first generation university students and their parents. First-Generation College Students @ Michigan is a newly formed student organization dedicated to the goals of recognizing, raising awareness of, and resolving the unique needs of first generation college students at the University of Michigan. We are proud to announce that First-Generation College Students @ Michigan is the first student-lead organization of its type in the nation.

Data from the National Center for Education Statistics clearly demonstrates the educational disadvantages and unique set of challenges faced by first generation students. First generation students often do not have access to the resources and experiences available to other students when it comes to navigating important parts of the college experience. Therefore, First-Generation College Students @ Michigan aims to inform and equip current and future first generation university students through high-school outreach, information on seeking advising on academic choices and financial aid, providing scholarships, and mentor relationships with successful first generation students and faculty, among other things. Many are optimistic that the success and growth of this organization are the first steps in overcoming deeply-rooted educational inequalities in the state of Michigan that are based on socio-economic status and a lack of social capital.

Of course, the scope of this organization is not limited to the aims and ideals listed above. This group is only in the nascent stages of development, so if YOU have any ideas (or even a slight interest) that may add to the vision and success of this new student organization, then PLEASE JOIN US for our next meeting or event.

If you have any further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at any time. Also, please consider requesting to join our email list, which is used to schedule future meetings, events, and discuss ideas and goals essential to the success and growth of this organization.


  • Sarah Alvarez from Michigan Radio and Brianne from The Ann Arbor News visited our meeting October 21, 2013 to learn more about what it means to be a First Generation College Student!
  • We have been invited to take part in the University of Michigan's upcoming campaign: Victors for Michigan!