Six workshops on creativity and the arts

For all the talk about STEM education these days (and, yes, we've presented a STEM series ourselves!), nurturing children's experience with the arts and their creativity is just as important to children's development and later success as teaching them math and science.

But the arts have been downplayed in the public schools of late, relegated to weekly "specials" when they're not eliminated altogether. And creativity? Isn't that dangerous? Public schools sometimes seem to think so!

We in the preschool and child care may provide children's first and last chance to exercise their creative muscles and display the creative genius that's locked up inside. How can you do that?

In these six workshops we'll explore what creativity is and what it needs, along with new ways to develop children's thinking about music, expressive movement, and drawing and painting. In addition, we'll consider what it might take to shift your classroom focus to the arts in a small or in a very big way, and even what it might take to become more creative yourself!

Ready for an adventure in creativity? Let's go!