What Children See
2 professional development hours - $24

 realize how important vision is but do small children see as we adults do? How does our ability to see develop in the early childhood years and what are the implications of that for us as early childhood professionals?  Explore what children see… and what they don’t… in this interesting workshop.

What Children Hear
2 professional development hours - $24

Bats and elephants hear things that we adults cannot but so also do small children hear things beyond our range. 
Find out more about mechanisms at work in hearing, the development of hearing abilities, and the challenges faced by children with even temporary hearing deficits.  Hearing is key to language, so it’s important that we know as much as we can about how hearing happens.

Children's Sense of Taste and Smell
2 professional development hours - $24

Taste and smell are senses we often overlook. They don’t seem very intellectual. 
But our ability to smell and therefore also to taste are perhaps the most basic of human faculties. These subtle senses cue memory, alert us to danger, and make us feel loved and cozy. How do taste and smell affect the children in your care? If you don’t yet know, find out here.

Children and Touch
2 professional development hours - $24

Not so long ago, parents were warned against touching their children in a loving way. 
Today we know that’s all wrong. Children need to be touched and they also need to touch things themselves. Why? In this session, we’ll explore the essential nature of touch and touching and we’ll notice how our physical interactions with children can make a difference.

Children in Space
2 professional development hours - $24

How do you know where your left hand is right now? How do you know if you are sitting up or lying down? 
These understandings are called “proprioception.” The proprioceptive sense is often forgotten but is of top importance for children learning to coordinate body movements. And children love to experiment with moving through space, including swinging, rocking, and even getting dizzy. Learn more about proprioception right here.

Senses Together
2 professional development hours - $24

We tend to think of the senses as independent units, but each sense depends on the others for full effect. 
How do the senses coordinate their information to arrive at an impression of the world as it really is? What happens when senses do not communicate well with each other or when one sense is impaired? In this finalbsession we’ll consider “sensory integration” in all its aspects.