All in the Family

Every child you work with has a family. How do you connect with those families for the good of the children?

Families are not all the same, of course. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some families are like your own family and other families are very unlike your own family. They surprise you, confuse you, even terrify you sometimes. But these are the families of your children. You need to make a connection.

In this series of 6 two-hour workshops, we'll unpack what we know about families, their effect on children's development and well-being, and your role in helping families provide the wonderful support all children deserve.

Find out what you need to know about working with families in six easy-to-watch online videos that never expire.

Each course earns 2 professional development hours. If you work in Washington State or Illinois, we can record   your hours for you. Wherever you live, your certificate of   completion can be applied to your registry.

And, of course, even without the reward of hours, you'll be rewarded with great information you can use today.

Check out all six workshops in this series right now...