Creative Genius
An online series for teachers and parents

Creativity is not the same as intelligence... but what is it? 

Is creativity a good thing, that we want to nurture in the early childhood years, or is it something to be careful of, so children learn first to "follow the rules"?

If creativity is something we want to encourage, then how can we do that? And if creativity is expressed through the arts, then which arts and how?

In this new series from The Skillful Teacher, we'll explore what it means to be creative and what it means to teach art in the child care and preschool

This series will begin in mid-March. Take a look at the workshops right now!

What will I learn?

In this series of six 2-hour workshops, you will... 
                        • Increase your understanding of creative thinking; 
                        • Learn innovative ways to include more art every day; 
                        • Discover 4 ways to create a Classroom of the Arts;
                        • Re-ignite your own creativity.

Earn up to 12 STARS or Illinois Gateways hours, CEUs, or hours you can apply to your own state registry or CDA renewal.

Best of all, there's no need to go anywhere or disrupt your schedule, since all six presentations come to you as online video links you can watch on your own schedule no matter where you are.

Who is this event for?

It's for you! Whether you're a parent, teacher, nanny, or other caregiver, you know that art is a delightful part of life and learning. You want more art for your children and for yourself. Each session in this series gives you key information that you can really use, information that will help you help the kids you love.

How do you get there?

You're already in the right spot. For this event, there's no need to dress up, take time off from work, arrange for someone else to take your place, or anything else. Instead, you just click on links to the online videos you choose, using your computer, tablet, or other Internet-connected device. Then sit back and enjoy, from wherever you are and at whatever time is convenient for you. 

Can you get credit?

Yes! Each of the six sessions earns professional development hours. A total of 12 hours or 1.2 CEUs is available. Washington State STARS and Illinois Gateways hours are pre-approved. You can apply these hours to other state registries or to your CDA renewal. A certificate of completion is awarded for each workshop you finish.

How do you do it? First you enjoy your videos, right from your home or wherever you are. Then you email us a short reflection for each of them. We email you your certificate of completion for each workshop you finish, suitable for submission to your professional development registry. If you live in Washington State or Illinois, we'll record your hours with your registry for you.

When does it start?

It all starts in mid-March 2017.  We'll email you links to the videos starting March 15th and will get all the links out no later than March 31st. You'll have as much time as you like to watch your videos, so you can watch them again and again.

Each video runs about one hour and includes a required reflection, which you will email to us. Your certificate will be sent back by return email.

What if I don't know how to do it?

If you can click on a link to watch an Internet video, you'll find participating in this event just as easy. That's really all there is to it. 

Not only that, but we're easily available by phone and email to help you out if you can't get a link to work or have questions or problems. We want you to enjoy this event and learn all you can about children and brains.

How much does it cost?

Get all six sessions for just $119 through the regular registration period that ends March 31st. That's less than $10 per professional development hour, an amazing bargain. 

If you only want just a few of the workshops, get individual sessions for only $24 each.


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