Electrical Connections

Norman  Shackman, P.E.

Seminars and consulting

Contact at  norms at ieee dot org.

  • Making and Keeping Reliable Electrical Connections. An Intensive Review of the Fundamentals and Applications of Connection Theory.
    • The important aspects of a connection
    • Relating theory to practice
    • Surface finish considerations
    • Differences between aluminum and copper
    • How to make a reliable connection
    • Additional topics.
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  • 35 years of experience in the use, design, testing and applications of electrical connections.
  • Past chair of NEMA and ANSI committees
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Creating Reliable Electrical Connections, Maintenance Technology, May 2003,  
Also available here   http://www.maintenanceworld.com/Articles/shackmann/creatingreliable.html   

The Trouble with Torque in Electrical Connections: Torque and force are not the same
. Maintenance Technology, November 2002
Also available here    http://www.maintenanceworld.com/Articles/shackmann/thetrouble.html  

Using IR Data to Estimate Circut Upgrades
  Maintenance Technology, April 2002.

There's more than torquing in electrical connections. (What's The Story)
  EC&M Electrical Construction & Maintenance,  August, 1994   

Getting to know DC power. (direct current)
   EC&M Electrical Construction & Maintenance,  July, 1991  

Guide to proper busbar connections
, EC&M, Electrical Construction & Maintenance,  August, 1989.
Not on the web, but cited here  Infrared Tech Note 1 - The hot one is not always the culprit,  http://www.envisionenergy.com/index_site_map.htm     

The most recent two articles listed above are also listed at  
Plant Maintenance Resource Center: Electrical Articles


The Trouble with Torque is referenced in this article  

Aerial Thermography Surveys Find Insulator and Other Problems, by Derrick Brydges


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