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The tips and information on this page are suggestions from other viewers, wedding consultants and magazine articles.

- It may be tempting, especially when you are at a vacation location, but don't get a facial 1-2 days before your wedding.  Your face could react to the products causing breakouts which will  be difficult to cover with even the best makeup job.  Instead schedule a facial 2 weeks before you leave for your wedding and schedule a couples massage for you and your fiance the day before the wedding.  Also, make sure to get any haircuts at least 1 week before the wedding.

- Make a CD of the songs that are really important to you for your wedding - even if the DJ assures you they have the song.  The CD should include your first dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, and any other ceremonial dances you may want to include.

- Use your imagination when setting the flow of your wedding.  You don't need to serve the meal then have all the activities (ie - couples dances, cake cutting etc.).  You can break up your reception by placing speechs and dances in between courses served, or split half before the meal and half after. 

- Make a list of the photos you absolutely want taken on your wedding day.  Give a list to your photographer but give your bridesmaid or maid a copy so they can make sure nothing gets missed.

- Don't underestimate your budget if you are going with an open bar.  Based on various surveys, the bar tab is the most understimated part of the wedding bill by 15-25%.  That could be the difference between you choosing the pay per drink price or the pay-per-hour-per person price.  Keep in mind, if you have an open bar...and drinkers, there is a good chance drinks will be ordered, set on a table, forgotten (since they were not "actually" paid for) and a new drink ordered.  So your estimate that your best friend, Sally, would only drink 2 drinks an hour might be true...but she might be ordering 3-4 because of the convenience.

- If you have been living with your fiance for some time, or don't have a need for a typical registery, consider a honeymoon registery, charity registery or list restaurants in your area you frequent for gift cards.

- Make a list of the things you need to take before you travel.  While you might think you will remember something obvious (like the wedding dress), in the moment when you are rushing to head to the airport, with all the excitement, things can easily be forgotten (trust me, I did it...luckily I had a friend who asked where my dress was just before the limo came to pick us up).

- For a destination wedding, it is extremely helpful to your guests to have a wedding website for information.  There are many excellent sites that have pre-set up formats.  Search below for various websites that offer these services.

- Considering having a dinner or event a day or two before your wedding day.  You can choose to host the event or have everyone pay for their meal, but it is a good idea to have something so all your guests can get to know each other before the wedding.  It makes for a more relaxed wedding reception! 

- Utilize a trusted travel agent for your travel plans.  Not only will it make it give you a source for your guests to utilize to join you on your wedding day, but a travel agent will be able to tell you the "inside" scoop on the hotels or locations you are considering for your venue.  Things like if the hotel is undergoing construction, if the time you are going is big travel time for families and children, and any positives or negatives location only someone who has been there can share.  If you don't have a good travel agent, you can utilize the search below to find reviews of the location you are considering.





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