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"Pastor Steve"

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Pastor Steve's Hours

Pastor Steve will be at the church Monday - Wednesday 9am-5pm, during which time he will be available for appointments, meetings, and he will also make calls on hospitalized and shut-in members.

Thursday - Saturday, he will be at home working on his sermon and church-related matters, as well as taking some time off, except on those days and evenings when he has meetings at the church.  He may be called at any of the numbers listed above in the event of an emergency. 

Pastor Steve Preaching

Bible Study Hours

10:30am Weekly in the Library


The Reverend Dr. Stephen R. Hanning, was born on 11/11/40 in Akron, OH. When he was two, the family moved to St. Marys, OH where his father was appointed to be manager of the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company's Pliofilm Division. Pastor Steve and his older brother, Ralph and younger sister, Gail all grew up in St. Marys. Their parents, Raymond and Flora, were regular, church-going Methodists who taught their children to see people of all tongues, races and nationalities as brothers and sisters. Immediately out of high school, at the age of 17, Pastor Steve joined the U.S. Navy and served on a destroyer stationed in Norfolk, V A in the 6'" Fleet and made cruises to the Mediterranean and Caribbean Seas.


Pastor Steve attended Miami University of Ohio from 1961 to 1965 and graduated with a degree in Russian Language. Among his possible career goals were international sales, teaching, and acting but in the back of his mind was the idea that he should still aim for the ministry, a calling from as early as the age of eight. He was privileged to participate in a Campus YMCA Student Exchange to the Soviet Union in 1964 and then in 1967, he led a group of 24 high school students on an exchange program to the Soviet Union.


Upon graduation from Miami, he directed a poverty project for the YMCA in the mining community of Glen Daniel, West Virginia which consisted of a tutorial for children in the "Three R's" as well as community development for the families who were unemployed due to mechanization.


He then served as a VISTA Volunteer during the Johnson Administration as part of the "Great Society." His training was in Uptown Chicago with Appalachians temporarily displaced to the city where employment was available. The bulk of his year in VISTA, however, was devoted to community development in a poverty ­stricken, African American neighborhood in West Philadelphia, locked in on all sides by river, freeway, business district and an upper-middle class community.


He attended Yale University Divinity School and graduated in 1969. While at YDS, he specialized in the area of mental health and counseling. His first position out of seminary was Director of the Campus YMCA at the University of Oregon, which sponsored several humanitarian service projects and promoted social justice. He also worked part-time as Assistant Professor in the Office of Foreign Students.


In 1971, he came to Seattle to work as Minister of Jr. High Youth at University Congregational Church where Dr. Dale E. Turner was the Sr. Minister. The next year he added the Sr. High Youth program to his portfolio. From 1974 to 1979, he served as pastor of a yoked DOC - UCC congregation, the United Christian Church of Renton, W A. Then, from 1979 to 1983 he served the United Church of Christ at Wahpeton, North Dakota where he also served as adjunct staff at the North Dakota State College of Science and was elected to the Wahpeton Board of Education. In 1983 he was called to Richmond Beach Congregational United Church of Christ, located in Shoreline, WA where he served for ten years. While at RBCC UCC, Rev. Hanning earned his Doctor of Ministry degree from Northwest Theological Union of Seattle. In 1993, he accepted a call to be Ministry Team Leader at Orinda Community Church, Orinda, CA. In 1995, he accepted a call to serve as Senior Minister of Faith United Protestant Church UCC in Park Forest, IL, and in June of 2006, he retired from full-time ministry and he and his wife, Violet, a retired nurse, moved to Edmonds, WA where they now live.


At each church where he served, Pastor Steve has had his two puppet "side-kicks," Oscar and Tootsie, plus many other puppets that meet with the children of the church every Sunday during the worship service. In addition, he has presented dramatizations of Biblical characters and historical figures of the church. He is currently doing Intentional Interim Ministry for churches, which are "between" pastors.


Oscar, Tootsie, & Pastor Steve


In addition to his pastoral duties, the focus of Dr. Hanning's ministry has been in the areas of civil rights for African Americans and more recently, for gays and lesbians, low-income housing, the prevention of domestic violence and building inter-faith understanding.


Pastor Steve and Violet have four adult children: Cynthia, Edmund, Gina and Peter and eight grandchildren all of whom live in the Seattle area. They also have an "adopted" daughter, Peggy and her son, who live in the Highline District of Seattle.

            Pastor Steve & Violet


In his spare time, Pastor Steve works in his yard and garden, which is all organically nurtured and maintained. He also enjoys making minor repairs around the house, reading novels, writing, acrylic painting, drama, politics, good movies, Seahawks football, fishing, hunting, traveling, good food and being with his beloved wife and Partner-in-Ministry, Violet and spending time with his children and grandchildren as well as with cherished friends.