Farmer's Market 9-22

The first day of autumn at the St. Johns River Farmers' Market in Alpine Groves Park, Switzerland, couldn't have been finer for our Master Gardeners to promote the County Extension Home & Garden Show and the Datil Pepper Festival. 

At 10AM everyone was in his place, including the dragon slide.

dragon slide

Some friends from the William Bartram Scenic and Historic Highway Corridor Management Council were explaining the importance of the road they road in on to some inquiring minds.

Bartram Scenic Highway Table

The visitors are coming our way!

Visitors Approach

Free admission and parking?  They're interested!!!

Reading our sign

So what DOES a datil pepper look like?  Time for some free Master Gardening advice.

getting gardening advice

Our information table, complete with cheery tablecloth, Master Gardener sign, witch holding hand sanitizer, grumpy ghoul guarding his candy, flyers and save the date bookmarks.  (Don't forget to turn the ghoul on using the switch on his bottom - the kids LOVE it when it yells, "Get your hands off my candy!"

Information table from the front

Table from the back side with paper towels, scissors, tape, pencil, VMS Log form (see the Volunteer Management System page for a copy of the form) and chairs.

Our poster said it all.


It was suspended from a camera tripod by a rubber band.  A feather monarch butterfly concealed the working details.  Truly a wing and a prayer answered - no high winds, no precipitation.

Back side of sign

Even Polly wants to go to the Home and Garden Show for her crackers!  Stay away from the datils, My Pretty....

The party's over.  Time to pack up until next week.

empty chair at day's end