Religious Education at First Church - Year 2016-2017


Sunday School:

Each week over this past year we have been using the Sunday School curriculum, Deep Blue-A Weekly Adventure Through The Bible.  This curriculum takes the stories in the Bible and studies them in a more complete form.  For example, the story of Joseph is done over four weeks so that you learn about him from childhood to his adult life in Egypt. After Easter we have been studying about Peter and the discipls as they began their ministries after Jesus' death.  Each week the Deep Blue Kids - Asia, Edgar, Kat, and Caleb - will use an animated video to tell the story.  Besides the stories, the children have been learning how to use their Bibles more.  They had a number of Bible stations they can complete each week.  Check the bulletin board to see how we use our Rainbow Bookmarks in our Bibles.  Also, make sure you update any changes on your registration forms so we have your correct addresses, emails, etc.  Fill out a new form if you have not completed one yet on your child. 

This summer we will be doing a more informal rotation of activities.  For instance, we may have a Praying in Color station and a cooking station on a Sunday or we may take a field trip to somewhere nearby such as Searsport Shores Campground.  Handouts with important dates will be given out to parents after Sunday School. The calendar will be updated with the events too.   

Our Sunday School has three rooms designed for different age groups. We have a Nursery which has age­appropriate toys and furniture. Short lessons and very simple crafts are taught for this age group (toddler thru 4 year olds). Our next room is our Primary/Craft room which is where our children in kindergarten through second grade hold their classes. Our Intermediate level (grades 3 through middle school) meet in our library. When a group wants to just have a story or short discussion they may meet in the Religious Education Director’s room. This room has a lock on it so it can be used for our nursing mothers to give them some privacy.

All children meet in the Fellowship Room for singing when they first come out after the children’s message in the worship service. The story for the day is either acted out or told and then students go to either nursery, primary or middle level classes.  Snack is occasionally provided and a craft or written work is completed that re-enforces the lesson’s story.  Older students will be using computers when we get them operating to discuss how present day global issues relate to the scriptures. Each quarter there will be a common theme and numerous activities. This quarter we are studying Holy Week events and New Testament stories such as Zaccheaus.  

Safe Church Policy

The intent of the Safe Church Policy is to provide guideline to assure physical, fiscal and personal safety within the activities of the First Church in Belfast, UCC.  The First Church in Belfast, UCC, affirms its commitment to protect each and every member/participant in this body of faith.  The recommendations regarding the youth includes:

All volunteers will fill out applications and disclosure forms.

Maine State website will be checked periodically for registered sex offenders.

Two adults will be present at all times with any church related activity.

Security and fire drill procedures will be in place and practiced.

All new volunteers working with youth will undergo a background check through Intellicorp.

Not adopted as of Jan. 2016, but used as guidelines