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All of Marti's romance and mystery books are suitable for ages 14 and up.
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In the Atlanta dead letter office, a series of odd letters began to arrive from Seattle. The envelopes were addressed simply to “sister” with no address or return address, and inside the letters were signed by someone who called herself princess. Yet, the contents of the letters seemed to be a cry for help, and soon it became Natalie’s obsession to find her.

To read the Clan MacGreagor books in chronological order, s
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       The Viking Series  
The Viking Series

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There are approximately 500 years between the Vikings and the Highlanders. 

               HIGHLANDER SERIES                   Continue reading about the MacGreagors in the early
                       Amazon   Kindle Unlimited                                                   1900s, some 500 years after the Highlanders.                             14 BOOK SERIES               
             Highlander Series
                                                                                                                                     (Scandalous Duchess Series)     
                                          10 BOOK SERIES

                                         Marblestone Mansion

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This series will fill in the years between the Highlanders and Marblestone.

        The Lost MacGreagor Books            
The Lost MacGreagor Books
The Lost MacGreagor Books
The Lost MacGreagor Books


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Jackie Harlan Mysteries Now exclusive on Amazon

                                Jackie Harlan Mysteries         
                  Jackie Harlan Mysteries                    
Jackie Harlan Mysteries


                                                                                                   A clean Highlander short story

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