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Baptism: A First Step of Obedience

If a Christian is going to be obedient to God, it always begins with a "first step." Once we've committed our lives in faith to Christ, the very first step that we take in obedience to Him is to be baptized. The Greek word for baptize means "to put under." Romans 6 speaks of baptism being a burial. What is done with a dead person? They are buried! A saved person has been crucified with Christ which means their "self" is dead and buried with Christ. A person's baptism then becomes a picture of the "old self" being buried, and the "new you" being resurrected with Christ. God doesn't ask you to "understand" every spiritual truth that there is to know about what baptism is and what it pictures, but He does ask you to "be obedient." A person demonstrates their faith in Christ by saying, "I will obey." If you have trusted Christ and been baptized, praise the Lord. If you have trusted Christ, but have never taken that "first step" of obedience by being baptized, why don't you talk with the pastor and make plans to be baptized soon.
(Matthew 28:19, 20)