A Word From Pastor, Nathan Smith

    I will never forget the first time I visited the FBCOH during an outdoor community outreach event called 

“The Stand”.  It was there I saw young and old, church members and non-church members, people of 

all colors and backgrounds joining together in true relationship building fellowship.  It was then I said to 

myself, this church has potential.  Not because of the great event, not because of the great facilities, and 

not because of what the church was doing but because this church understands its purpose. 

 I am proud to say, that purpose has not been lost but is still in full effect. Our purpose is to reach our 

community, our families, our co-workers, and our friends with the saving love and grace of Jesus Christ 

by building meaningful relationships. 

    How do we accomplish that purpose? We intend to build meaningful relationships of trust that go 

beyond Sunday morning.  We want to serve our people like Christ served, we want to love what 

Christ loved, we want to trust God’s word as Christ trusted and we want to be obedient as Christ was 

obedient.  We understand that life is not a one day a week event but an everyday struggle full of ups 

and downs.  We desire to walk with each other through every hill and valley “Making Disciples, one 

Relationship at a Time.”