Birthed not long after the turn of the 20th Century, Old Hickory (named after President Andrew Jackson) became a booming community. It was built by DuPont to produce gun powder for our military in World War I.  With such a great influx of people, the need for a Baptist church became apparent. Out of this need, First Baptist Church was birthed on September 14, 1924, with 22 members, in the home of Mrs. Annie Hartley at 1311 Birdsall St. The minutes show the offering that day was $12.20, with two dollars used to purchase a Clerks Book and the remainder to go to the 75 Million Campaign of the Southern Baptist Convention. M.R. Cooper preached the first sermon that Sunday and Dr. W.C. Golden, who our Tennessee Baptist Golden State Mission Offering is named after, preached on Monday night.

The small band of Baptists soon outgrew the Birdsall location
With the help of the State Mission Board, the congregation bought a tar-covered structure (affectionately called the "Tar-baby") for $800, and leased the lot from DuPont -- 99 years for $1 -- in the exact location where the present church stands.

In 1930, the tar-papered building was torn down, and the foundation laid for the present church building. Bro. Ray Dean was the pastor. The present building was erected as a labor of love as members purchased each individual brick and the motto was to "build as we can pay and pray that we can pay." In 1958, during Bro. Lucius W. Hart's pastorate, a wing was added to the educational facilities. Then in 1968, a complete remodeling of all facilities was done and on Sunday, April 27, 1969, a dedication and reunion service with former pastors, members and friends gathering for an old-fashioned dinner-on-the-ground. (Actually dinner on the tables in the Fellowship Hall.) Bro. Norris G. Hite was pastor at that time.

Through the years God has called from this great fellowship over twenty-seven men to the gospel ministry. Also seven new church plants have come about in response to our desire to be a Great Commission Church. Today we have a couple who grew up in our fellowship who are serving the Lord as missionaries in Japan and another former member who is pastoring in Italy.

Below are the pastors who have served in the 80 years since the First Baptist Church of Old Hickory's beginning.    
Jon W. Wood is pastor at the present time. 

Bro.  Judson L. Hays (picture coming soon)

August 1989 - July 2009

Bro. Norris G. Hite

June 1964 - December 1987


Bro. Lucius W. Hart

September 1951 - November 1963


Bro. Joe Harting

November 1948 - January 1951


Bro. Floyd Starke

June 1945 - June 1948


Bro. Paul G. Kirkland

September 1941 - August 1945


Bro. Roy H. Dean

November 1931 - June 1941