Twelve Terrible Things

Marty Kelley

Ten Speed Press 




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Number 5.

Have you ever picked up one of those books where the cover is terrific and the inside is just blah?  This is a book that lives up to that promise and delivers the goods.  Two surprises await you inside: 1) the best illustrations weren't used for the cover and 2) author Marty Kelley is FUNNY.

Crack this open to discover the twelve worst things that can happen to a kid.  Like Great-Aunt Eunice and her claws of death (photo above).  Your head after believing in your sister's ability to produce a good haircut.  Lunch Lady Doris and her need to encapsulate all foods in gravy.  Plus nine more.

The text is intentionally sparse, allowing the marvelous illustrations to speak for themselves.  Rendered in watercolor, each terrible thing spans two over sized pages; these alone make this book worth acquiring.  Pair these extraordinary illustrations with the author's sarcastic wit and you have an unbeatable combination.  Pile on some childhood trauma and you have one heck of an excellent children's book.  

Number 6.

Click here to purchase.  Via his website, Marty Kelley threatens "Buy this book or I'll pound you."  Better not risk it.

Side note: My four year old held his foot up to our neighbor and said "Smell THIS, doofus."  Thanks, Marty!