The Short and Incredibly Happy Life of Riley

Colin Thompson & Amy Lissiat

Kane/Miller Book Publishers




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Riley the rat is immensely happy with the basics of life - food, shelter, love, and a scratching stick for his back.  His purple  rat life may be short, but it radiates happiness.  Conversely, we humans desire more and more, unable to appreciate what we already have. The book's main point: learn to be happy with less.  

Be forewarned this book is in-your-face preachy.  Nevertheless, the humorous approach, both in written word and illustration, manages to transform their agenda into quite a likable book.  I think being happy with less really is an important concept that many of us seem to miss out on.  If my kids can learn that lesson via a purple rat, count me in.   

This is one of those children’s books that parents discover and start buying for other adults.  I think the humor and illustrations (smart and quirky!) are broad enough to satisfy both adults and children alike.  Overall, a distinctive and wonderful selection. 


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