How'd They Build That: Fire Truck

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This video was fascinating for both children and adults alike in our test group.  Viewers are taken on a personal tour of Seagrave Fire Apparatus plant and learn exactly how fire trucks and rescue vehicles are assembled.  This plant has been designing, constructing and assembling the toughest trucks for 125 years.  They are the very best in the business and you get to see how they do it.

When a customer orders a vehicle, they use computerized 3-D technology, which enables them to see every item on the vehicle before production begins.  Amazingly, there are 1800 to 2500 different parts on each vehicle.  At Seagrave, many of these parts are still hand-crafted.  For this reason, it takes 1500 to 3500 hours to build a single fire truck.  No vehicle is allowed to leave the lot without extensive testing to prove its strength, stability and safety. 

The plant tour is interspersed with interesting fire engine facts, such as the difference between fire trucks and fire engines.  Fire engines, or pumpers, primarily pump water to extinguish fires, while fire trucks carry ladders, tools and specialized fire equipment.  This video does a great job of explaining the components of a fire vehicle and exactly how those parts are assembled.  It's put together in a fun, informative way, and would make a terrific gift.  Did you know there are 125 different colors to choose for a fire vehicle - but 92 of these are variations of red?  You would if you had watched this video.

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