Currently working for QCRI, Qatar, as a PostDoc for integrating intelligent capabilities (e.g., relevant images for a crisis event) to the AIDR system

Research Interests: 
Machine Learning/Deep Learning: Classical Algorithms (e.g., SVM, RF) to Deep Neural Network (CNN, LSTM) to solve supervised and semi-supervised problems. 
Applicative Contexts: Natural Language Processing,  Behavioral and Social Signal Processing (Emotion, Personality traits) from Speech and Text; Social Media Text Analysis.

I received my PhD in Computer Science from the University of Trento, under the supervision of Prof. Giuseppe Riccardi, master's from the same department, and undergrad from BRAC University

Affliated member: IEEE, ACM, ISCA, ACL

Domain Adaptation with Adversarial training:

AIDR Image Processing pipeline: 

- PhD thesis: "Computational Models for Analyzing Affective Behaviors (empathy, and other emotional states) and Personality from Speech and Text",