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Thursday: November 12, 2009
The most exciting thing to happen in my research this month is a trip being planned to Hazard, KY. Me and Scott from WPI FPE will drive all the way to Hazard, KY. Monday will be field survey and Tuesday, Wednesday will be the days to take actual data. A good amount of preparation and planning has gone into this project. More photos and videos to come in the coming week!

Saturday: November 14, 2009
Cameras, probes and gadgets all ready and car eager to hit the road - we start tomorrow! Audio books are on the menu on board with Harry Potter's deathly hallows on one way and Hobbits on the way back. Also loaded with snacks and drinks! Gentlemen start your engines...

Sunday: November 15, 2009
Starting the long journey ahead of us courageously early at 5 am, we made it in straight 15 hours. The journey ended with us entering the team meeting as it was almost at its end at 8 pm in the night. The secret to the efficient drive:
Lotsa snacks and drinks loaded in the van
Short lunch stop and gas stops
Frequent change of drivers coincided with the gas filling stops and lunch stop.
And of course a very engaging audio book - Harry Potter series - deathly hallows.

Monday: November 16, 2009
This day was supposed to be site survey for all the team members. It turned out to be a good hiking experience for me. I was not expecting steep slope of mountains which are full of dry loose almost ash like soil, dead tree barks and thorny stems crawling everywhere. I was really amazed to see all the people of a wide range of ages walk on those terrains as if it is a side walk in downtown Boston!

There were some scratches and pricks, yet all paid off when I finally saw a foot wide crack in the slope running along a rock for more than a meter. Everyone gathered around it pretending to plan to take different readings like flow rate, temperature, mercury in the fumes etc - actually they were just happy to see it.

Tuesday and Wednesday: November 17 and 18, 2009
All the team members would start really early in the morning with the delicious breakfast provided by the guest house we were living at. I enjoyed the eggs, sausage and biscuits with moderately pulpy orange juice. We would start from the hotel for the site after that as it would take a good hour and half to reach the actual site on Tuesday. We got to catch up on some sleep on Wednesday as the site was only a few miles away from the base - especially for the people who worked in the night on the data they recorded the day before.

Wednesday was short as we started at noon. We headed to Tennesse and as we had some more time to spare, paid a visit to the Smokey mountains at 6600 feet height.

Location history from 11/14/2009 to 11/20/2009

Hazard, KY