How to get firewarrior working on windows 8 (and maybe later/earlier versions)

you're also going to need the 2nd patch (B), you can get that here:

finally, you will need the install discs, you can get ISO's, but that's illegal (ho ho).

you will also need to install Microsoft's .net framework 1.1 which is on the second disk. 
Finally, you will need to run the managed direct x components redistribute-able which can be found in the direct x folder in the redist folder on the second disk (the .net framework is also in the redist folder)

you can also get the .net framework here:

IF YOU ARE RUNNING AN OPERATING SYSTEM NEWER THAN WINDOWS 8 (IE 8.1, 10) then you will need to do the following tutorial as well, before you continue doing this one. be aware, I know this allows you to install the .net framework on windows 8.1, not sure about 10, and I haven't tested if you can use it to run the game!:

Ok, here's how you do it:

  1. Install the game
  2. Install the .net framework 1.1
  3. Install the managed direct x components, don't worry if it doesn't appear to do anything, you just need to run it.
  4. Install the version B patch, but no later patches.
  5. Navigate to the program folder
  6. Replace the firewarrior.exe file with the one provided
  7. Make a shortcut for the Firewarrior config and firewarrior.exe files to where ever you want to run them from. Set the program to run as administrator and run as XP service pack 2.
  8. Run the config and try to launch the game from here. if that doesn't work, try running the firewarrior.exe shortcut. good luck.

I hope this helped, it worked for me on windows 8.

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