MovieTube is a missing channel on YouTube for Free Movies. It collects 14 movie categories including: US/UK, Europe, India, Korea, China and Japan.

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MusicTube is a missing channel on YouTube for High Quality Music Videos.
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Reply to User Comments:

-- Dec 6, 2012. We have received many requests for the feature of searching by title, and the value of this feature is considered very seriously. Still, we have to say sorry that we decide not to provide this feature recently. Due to copyright restriction, there are not enough movies yet, maybe will never be, on youtube for us to search them by title. Those we can watch for free are movies that no one ever claimed copyright. If we provide a search bar, the result it can return is mostly, eh..., disappointment.
    The core value of MovieTube is a tool for digging out valuable movies buried by tons of boring videos using the power of user community and our editors. We never intended to replace Google Play Movies or Netflix. To make it easier for you to find interesting movies on YouTube, we are adding genre, IMDB, subtitle info now and soon we will be able to support more search conditions. Stay with us to see our progress.

-- Oct. 16, 2012. Thanks for your comments, both encouragement and criticism. Your feedback is guiding us to the right way to develop the No.1 Free Movie App. We would like to share some idea and recent works here:
    (a) Search by movie name. We decide not to add this function recently because our movie database is still pretty small (about 6,500 movies but growing). We cannot do better than YouTube's own search function.
    (b) Categories.  We think traditional category is not efficient to organize movies. In the coming version, you will see some Playlist among movies. Examples: Mr Bean Videos, Blade TV series, Scary Movies…
    (c ) Advertisement. Our ads strategy is to balance the user experience and development and maintenance cost. If you do not like the ads integrated, you also offer the MovieTube Ad-Free version.
    (d) Great Thanks to Anonymous users who share new movies with us. Great Thanks to our Editors. Also, we thank you for using it, liking it, and sharing it.


1. Can I download movies from YouTube?
    Answer: NOT in this App. Downloading videos from is not allowed according to its Term of Service. Apps providing that function will be removed from Google Play anytime soon. So we cannot provide this feature.

2. Can I search movie by title?
    Answer: Many movies is not available on YouTube because of copyright issue. The result of search is usually disappointment. What we can do for you is to list all the high quality videos and make the surfing experience smooth and easy.

3. I have mistakenly set browser to open the video as default. How can I restore it back to opening with YouTube app?
    Answer: Reinstall CANNOT solve the problem. You HAVE TO clear defaults in Setting->Manage applications->Browser. Please note that you need clear default in Browser, not MovieTube or MusicTube. This link is also helpful.

4. How can I watch movies on PC or iPad?
    Answer: There are two ways: (1) Use our web version:  (2) Share the video on the app to Facebook (or Twitter...). Then log in the Facebook and open the link you just shared.

5. The movies I want to see is not available in my Country?
Answer: Make sure you select the country correctly when you open the app at the first time. If not, please reinstall the app.

6. I would like to see movies in other categories such as Indonesian/Filipino/Turkish/Greek ... Will you do that?
    Answer: Yes, we are recruit volunteer editors to collect and share YouTube movies of other languages. Please email us if you are also a movie lover. 

7. How to share movies to us?
Answer: If you find a good movie on YouTube, click share button of YouTube App and choose "Add to MovieTube".

 All movies are from YouTube. We do not host/own any media resources. Please report to YouTube for any copyright issues.