Welcome to Sparks Fly

Sparks Fly products are for the outdoor enthusiast. Rob Hogg makes fire starting tools that are uniquely designed to start campfires the old fashioned way – without matches and lighters. Under the Sparks Fly brand he offers the following primitive campfire starting kits -- flint and steel kits, bow drill kits, and the Fire Bolt.

The story of Sparks Fly
Striking the flint and steel together, a spark flew and a campfire was born.

From the start, Rob Hogg and Kris Goodrich were nuts about camping – just ask their parents! They took to scouting from the start and eagerly awaited camping trips where they would practice and learn outdoor skills.

At the end of a long day in the woods, the campfire was a favorite way to end - especially on chilly fall and cold winter evenings. Seated around its ring we relaxed and found our minds drifting to peaceful places as we gazed at the dancing flames. It never felt right that something so magical began with the strike of a match or the flick of a lighter. The fire needed a more primitive, more pure beginning. The answer came during a chance encounter with a scoutmaster who carried a steel striker and piece of flint in his pocket. Striking the two together, a spark flew and a campfire was born. We had our answer.

The Flint and Steel kit was the first product in the Sparks Fly brand. Soon after production started of the Bow Drill kit for the camper who wanted a little more of a challenge. The Fire Bolt was introduced in 2007.

Starting December 2010 Kris stepped away to pursue other opportunities. Rob Hogg now carries on the tradition of creating and selling these products under the Sparks Fly brand in Maine.