The Hunger Games movie memorabilia- from the movie set in DuPont State Forest

Authentic Memorabilia from The Hunger Games movie set in DuPont State Recreational Forest!

You will be 'catching fire' right along with Katniss with one of these bona-fide keepsakes from The Hunger Games movie set in DuPont State Recreational Forest in Cedar Mountain, North Carolina.  

Be the first person in your area to own one! These make GREAT gifts for the teens in your life.
Visiting Brevard this summer?  Pick yours out at Local Color in downtown Brevard.  Can't come to Brevard?  Click the links below to order on Etsy.

Each one-of-a-kind necklace is made from items used in filming the fire scene in DuPont State Recreational Forest.  
FIRE WOOD NECKLACES have been cut from the actual tree that was used to fall in the fire scene.  This tree was fitted with an iron girdle and a hoist.  It was actually fallen and then hoisted back up several times as the scene was re-filmed.  It was given to my husband by the movie company when they left.  The tree then lay in the forest for several months and a good bit of it was used for fire wood.  When the bark began to fall off, we noticed the grain and realized it was a curly maple, so we brought it home, and began to make these gorgeous necklaces.
  • Besides being used in the block buster movie, this tree is a maple with two unique characteristics. 
  •  It is flamed or curled, giving it rays across the grain when turned in the light.  It is also spalted which gives it varied and multicolored wood grain.  
  • I have carefully cut, sanded, and polished these to a soft, shiny finish using non toxic and hypo allergenic shellac.  
  • Each is a one-of-a-kind keepsake and no two will be exactly the same. 
  • The pendant is 1" x 2"  and is on a 36" suede cord that can be cut to fit.
This is the wood before- note the holes.  These were fitted with metal to help raise and lower the tree as the scene was filmed and re-filmed until perfect. 

Now look at the beautiful wood grain in these necklaces!

FIRE RING NECKLACES- have been cut from the actual gas piping that was used to set the woods ablaze in the fire scene of the movie that was filmed in the "arena', Du Pont State Forest.   Each has been cut, deburred, cleaned, and polished to a pewter like finish and strung on a 36" suede cord that can be cut to fit.
This is the pipe before.  Notice the tags on them- these told the special effects crew which 'trees' these pipes went with.   The pipe was used to run gas between the trees, and to form fake trees for the fire ball scenes as well.
Now, look at the FIRE RINGS after we cut, de-burred and processed the pipe!

These memorabilia items are offered on Etsy Online Marketplace as well as on E-Bay.  Payment can be made on Pay Pal or major Credit card. Search for Firewood or Firering along with Hunger Games to find them easily.

Each necklace comes with an attractive certificate of authenticity.  Wear it or frame it to show it off!
The Hunger Games Birthday Party Pack- beats goody bags hands-down for the same or less money! Give your party guests something unique they will treasure instead of junk they will leave behind!

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Why buy something made in China with a mocking jay on it when you can give your HUNGER GAMES Party guests a real, AUTHENTIC piece of the blockbuster movie, THE HUNGER GAMES?  These memorabilia necklaces are made from material used in the fire scene at DuPont State Forest in North Carolina? 

This set includes 11 authentic  memorabilia necklaces, each with its own certificate of authenticity.  You choose which kind or combination.  Each necklace is a one-of-a-kind-  kids can trade like trading cards!
  • For this set only, additional necklaces can be added if needed  at the discounted rate of $9.99 each.  If you need more than 11, message me and I will send you an invoice with the exact amount due.

Also for the birthday boy or girl, we will send a personalized birthday sign with his or her name in flames (81/2 X 11" cardstock). 

This set is a value of $164.45 for only $109.99, probably less than you would spend on goody bags that the kids would likely throw down and never touch again.  

This set also includes  FREE SHIPPING  to anywhere in the Continental US.  Outside of the US,  a minimal shipping charge of $7.50 will be added.

Quantities are limited until the original  wood and pipe runs out.  Don't delay-  order yours TODAY before they are gone.

My pledge to you:
I assure you that I operate with integrity and that these claims are valid.  When the original and authentic materials are gone, they are gone and no more necklaces will be produced.  
The materials are exactly what we claim.  The wooden necklaces are made from the actual tree that the Game maker fell in front of Katniss in the infamous fire scene!  The Fire Ring necklaces are made from the piping that was used to set the woods ablaze and to make the fake flaming trees.  The Lionsgate legal team has investigated and approved our claims of authenticity.  


Veracious  is not affiliated with The Hunger Games books or movie, Suzanne Collins, Scholastic or Lionsgate. We claim no rights to the series, logo, images, character names, etc., however, Lionsgate Legal team has agreed that I am not in violation of copyright and my claims are valid.