Jane Velez Mitchell Should Be Fired!

This web page is in part a tribute to the Fire Nancy Grace website.

Jane Velez Mitchell replaced Glenn Beck on CNN. She is basically a Nancy (Dis)Grace wannabe save for the fact Jane wants people to believe she is "liberal".
Like Nancy, she is filled with hate and hungry for ratings. Fear-mongering is her most lethal weapon.

Jane will often bend the truth or even outright lie to her viewers just to gain notoriety (aka yellow journalism).
Why doesn't CNN fire people like this? Well there is too much money involved, simple as that. From my observations, CNN (the most trusted name in news?) will not fire any profitable host until they have to.
However, being that Jane is just filling up the time slot for Glenn (who now works for FOX News) and not many people care for her brand of sensationalism, CNN just may give her a pink slip.
The purpose of this web page is to inform the public about the many lies Jane blabbers out on her program and to debunk them leading to what we hope will be her well deserved termination. We are also here to encourage the FCC to do their job and crack down on fraudulent reporting.

Now, to begin, FJVM will list just a few of Jane's many lies and follow them with a truth statement.
  1. Jane claims that sex offenders can never be cured and often re-offend. The Truth : According to the Department Of Justice, Bureau Of Statistics and numerous university studies, fewer than 10% re-offend! (Read Article)
  2. Jane claims that all sex offenders are rapists or molesters. The Truth : There are many listed on registries who have never committed rape or even attempted to. For example, teenagers are being forced to register for exchanging nude photos of themselves on their cellphones (aka "sexting") and for having consensual sex with other teenagers (visit www.rickyslife.com). Also, you can be placed on a registry for urinating in public, breast-feeding in public, voyeurism (i.e. peering into a window), streaking, sunbathing nude, and for non-sexual crimes like child endangerment in states like Georgia. In the state of Maine, one Congresswoman (Dawn Hill) wants to make staring at a minor for too long a sexual offense! Some listed on registries are young children. The laws are very broad and many critics of the registry have a common goal to clean it up.
  3. Jane claims Adam Walsh was murdered by a registered sex offender. The Truth : The abductor and murderer of young Adam Walsh was not a sex offender and to date, there has been no evidence the boy was sexually molested. The man allegedly responsible for Adam's horrible death died in prison.
  4. Jane claims the Adam Walsh Act will keep kids safe.  The Truth : This law re-categorizes low-risk sex offenders (i.e. public urinators) at higher Tier levels for no reason at all, which makes it very difficult for law enforcement to pinpoint who the real predators are. The AWA also places more children on registries for non-violent crimes and for longer periods (life in some instances). In Florida, one teenager is required to register for 25 years because he sent back a nude photo his girlfriend sent to him on his cellphone. He has been kicked out of college, barred from work, and is not allowed to leave the state because he is listed next to violent rapists on the registry while his girlfriend was never charged. The AWA places more non-violent people on public registries, subjecting these people and their families to vigilante violence. Many children suffer collateral damage from this kind of lawmaking. Also, the AWA costs states millions of dollars to implement, which raises tax dollars and the AWA overburdens police, making police less effective in thwarting sexual abuse. The punitive nature of this law also encourages more sex offenders to stop registering, including the minority who are truly dangerous and that decreases public safety. Finally, the AWA is unconstitutional in that the law re-punishes an offender decades after the crime was committed, regardless if the former offender has been crime free ever since and thus not a threat to children.
  5. Jane claims most sexual abuse comes from strangers. The Truth : According to numerous studies, most sexual abuse is committed by people well known to the victim (i.e. cousin, doctor) who are not on the registry and sadly, most sexual abuse goes unreported (probable reasons : fear of retribution or humiliation).
Apparently, Jane believes that there are 700,000 Ted Bundy's stalking America. What? The obvious reason why there are so many people listed on the sex offender registry is because the laws are over-reaching, thanks to political corruption (the film "Witch Hunt", narrated by Sean Penn, reveals some of this corruption).

: The sex offender registry includes too many non-violent / low-risk offenders and the cost of keeping up with so many people is very expensive for states and for taxpayers (one reason why our economy is lagging). The laws need a major overhaul so that only legitimate predators will be listed on registries (the original intent of Megan's Law). This will allow police to be more focused in combating sexual abuse while, being that most sexual abuse comes from trusted family members or friends who have no criminal record, some of the extra money can be used towards valuable treatment and prevention programs that help stop sexual assaults before they happen.

Finally, Tier systems are often flawed and inaccurately describe crimes committed. For example, there are teenagers listed as "high-risk" on registries whose only crimes were having consensual sex with other teenagers only a few years apart in age (www.rickyslife.com), they get listed next to those who are violent rapists! States who adopt Tier systems should make sure that only legitimate predators are in the high-risk category. But then, we believe only real predators belong on registries, so there should be no need for Tier systems if the registry is overhauled.

These are just a few of the popular lies Jane has vented on her show. If you would like to add more of her deceptions to this list, e-mail them to me for consideration or leave a comment. They can regard Jane's lies about any subject.

Thank you for assisting our project to reveal Jane's dishonesty and news media fraud.

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Other fear-mongering liars on CNN include Mike "What A Creep" Galanos and Nancy "Dis" Grace.

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