This plugin for DolphinHD was written by Marcus Wolschon.
It implements the Firefox Sync/Mozilla Weave protocoll for DolphinHD.
This enables the user to:
  • import stored usernames and passwords from their desktop computers
  • see and open tabs from other computers and send own tabs back to the server
  • constantly import bookmarks from their desktop computers
  • constantly export open tabs and the browser history to your desktop browser
  • keep bookmarks, passwords and tabs updated as they are changed on the desktop with minimal data-traffic
  • All that cryptographically secure. Not even Mozilla on theirs servers can decrypt your data.
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Also check out the standalone app "Show Firefox Passwords"


    Version 1.6.7 is currently being signed:
    It fixes a crash with DolphinHD5-beta1. DolphinHD 5 finally supports subfolders for bookmarks. So bookmark-syncing can finally work as it should be.
    Version 1.6.6:
    Bugfixes for syncing bookmarks that get deleted on the desktop and against duplicating a bookmark if updating it fails.
    It also shows a hint on the format of the V4-SyncKey and starts the SettingsActivity if login fails on showing tabs from other computers.
    Sync Now -buttons in settings for each type of data and specifying alternative ports for custom servers "servername:port" are now supported.
    Version 1.6.5:
    It allows you to switch off syncing of each type not only during roaming (default off) but also on mobile, wifi and wimax.
    It also allows to reset sync for passwords, history and bookmarks to import/export them all again instead of only changes and buttons to force-sync them instantly.
    Also it handles large numbers of bookmarks and passwords on memory-limited devices by loading them in blocks on 256 entries.
    Option of specifying your own Sync-server (in case you don't trust Mozilla at all).
    It also clarifies the login-process and handles the time stamp of the last synced item better in cases or errors.

    (A Mozilla product manager asked me kindly to write this and I agree that I need to mention it.)
    This plugin was written by Marcus Wolschon.
    Is not developed or supported by the Mozilla Foundation.

    Marcus Wolschon
    Freelance software developer
    Homepage: http://wolschon.biz
    Contact details to be found on that homepage.
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